Friday, December 09, 2005

Feeling Pretty

A while back Kristy had given me a bag of Clinique make-up that she had gotten free from Macy’s. I came across that bag last week when I was cleaning out my work bag and I regifted that little bag by giving it to Amelle. I knew that she’d get more joy and use out of it than I would, or even could. I was right. Her eyes lit up as she unzipped the small bag and revealed sample size lotions, lipstick, and the other lip stuff that you brush on (I don’t know what that’s called).

After this particular lip product application, she asked me to take a picture of her because she was “so pretty”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her lipstick looked like a mustache. I did tell her that no amount of make up would ever make her look prettier than God made her. He made her absolutely perfect and there was really nothing that she, or anyone else could do to enhance His perfect creation.

Ahhh…it’s all about what’s on the inside anyway…hopefully she’ll figure that out eventually.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30

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