Saturday, December 17, 2005


I have officially finished this term; I submitted my last final on Wednesday. It was only 5 questions, but it took me 13 pages & three days to answer them. I guess when you attend online classes they look for creative ways to make the exams difficult. So now I get to enjoy my first break since I started school last May. I'm off for two whole weeks. Darn, now I don't have an excuse to have an unclean house!

Some of the things I've learned in graduate school:
1. Just because someone has an advanced degree it doesn't mean that they're smart. I've been in classes with people who I would consider barely literate (and yes, an 850 on the GRE is required for entrance). I shrug my shoulders here because I don't know how they passed. I know how I passed: it was divine intervention. Maybe they know the Lord as well?
2. No one does all the assigned reading, it's impossible. The supplemental reading is a joke.
3. Group work is popular - which can be really good or really bad, depending on your group mates (see #1).
4. After taxes, tuition reimbursement is only about half of what you submit for.
5. Text books aren't worth the $120 you pay for them (see #2). Then they change editions so fast you can't sell them to anyone.
6. Oh, and yes, I've learned a few things academically, that is what I'm here for...or is it?

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