Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy New Year!

What is it about a new year that compels us to sip way too much champagne? Are we mourning the loss of another good year, or celebrating the beginning of a new one? Or, maybe we’re just thirsty from all the chips & dip?

I’ve certainly celebrated my share of new years…from Key West to Boston to Times Square in NYC; I’ve tipped glasses with the best (and the worst) of them! All I can say it that waking up the next morning with a hangover isn’t exactly the best way to kick off a new year.

This year we’re headed to a kid-friendly NYE party. I think we’re all resigned to the fact that at thirty-something with kids, the only way we’re getting out of the house is to take the kids along. It’s good stuff, and I’m looking forward to going. It’ll be like the good old days, except when I take my top off, it’ll be to nurse Amaya! Ha – just kidding, I never took my top off back in the day (and I technically don’t have to take it off to nurse).

There will be less flirting and more conversing, less alcohol consumption, but more food consumption, and getting ready will be more about comfort and less about looks. ..Now we just have to find a way to move up New Years to about 9pm and we’ll be all set!


Kristy & John said...

That's okay, we don't even have kids yet and we struggle to stay up until midnight!! This year we will prpbably stay home and maybe have my mom over. New Year's Day is the real party day. Every year we go to John's parents' friends' house (what a mouthful) and eat and drink all day! Well, have fun at your party!

FloridaMom said...

Well, now you sound like the old folks....Not old as in fifties and sixties, old as in eighties and nineties! I remember the day when your Dad and I would go to the neighbors house and be home by 9PM on New Year's Eve. The reason was because it wasn't worth staying up to see the "ball drop" and then be awakened at 5 or 6AM by you and Shaun.

When you get into your fifties and sixties, the only responsibility you have is to get home (or not)! Who cares about NEW YEAR'S DAY, we can sleep the day away. Plus, if you sleep all day, that means your sticking to your New Year's resolution to loose that weight. I don't think its possible to cheat if you are in a partially comatose state.

All kidding aside, I hope everyone that reads this blog has a happy & healthy New Year!

T5M said...'re a I know where my razor sharp wit came from! ...sleeping all day sounds good; I think I've got a long way to go though! ...that's okay, it's a fun ride...