Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kristy helps me say "goodbye" to Hello!

My good friend Kristy helped me realize that Hello is a big lie! Who knew?! You don't actually need Hello to post pictures on your blog! It's like the web's best kept secret. After over a year of frustration and feelings of inadequacy ...why didn't anyone tell me?! :-)

Fortunately I saw the light before I downloaded that darn Hello onto our computer again. Jermaine was less than happy the last time that big, useless program appeared on our desktop.

Anyway, just a big "Thank you" to my pal Kristy for showing me the light! Here she is posting this picture to this blog!


Bart said...


Denise said...

Hi Erin!
Welcome to blog-land! I was intimidated at first, but I got the hang of it after awhile...I guess you found out how to post a picture, huh?
Congrats on the birth of Amaya! :)

Kristy & John said...

Who is Jeremias? Weird. I tried to post a comment to your picture of Amelle, but I think the option to leave a comment is blocked.

T5M said...

Fixed! Comment away! :-)

..No idea who our amigo is...thought he might of been someone from your past ...hee hee :-)

Footprint said...

she brought you from Hello to Hell NO