Sunday, December 11, 2005

Philadelphians Have Big Balls!

Philadelphians have big balls! Yes, it’s true. I discovered this about 3 years ago when Jermaine took me bowling. What I ended up with was a sore wrist and blisters on my fingertips from handling those big Philadelphian balls. I thought it was strange that I needed two hands to handle my bowling ball, and I felt like Fred Flintstone having to put my fingers in the three holes, but I figured what the heck, we can try something different. What I didn’t know was that different was normal around these parts.

The next time Jermaine wanted to go bowling I beckoned him to take me “regular bowling” and thus sparked the realization that we had two totally different definitions of “regular bowling”. For me, regular bowling is Candlepin bowling. It’s the only bowling I have ever known. For Jermaine, big ball bowling is regular bowling.

Candlepin bowling uses smaller pins and smaller balls (2 ½ pounds) with no finger holes. I couldn’t believe that even kids were using those big, heavy balls! I was petrified that my fingers would get sweaty and stick to the inside of the finger holes and the weight of the enormous ball would rip my arm off when I went to throw it.

As it turns out Candlepin bowling is a “New England thing”. The game was invented 120 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts, and apparently it never caught on with people outside of our tri-state area. Below is a photo of some candlepins, the other, taken Saturday, is of my little Philadelphian holding his very big ball. Hey! …Get your mind out of the gutter…no pun intended :-)


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

You're too funny! Maybe someday we'll get to go up to New England with you and do some "little ball" bowling!

T5M said...

...I guess I could've titled the post "New Englanders have little balls" - huh? ..I was trying to accentuate the positive!

...That would be fun if you guys could come up to NE sometime! btw, you get 3 tries with "little ball" bowling!