Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Where it's hot, even in December

Last night I dreamt that I was hiking in Arizona and it became so hot out that lava began to fill the earth and engulf a portion of Arizona. My hiking partners & I fled to the top floor of a nearby home and hoped that the lava would not creep up to where we were. We watched the event unfold on television while we waited to see what our fate would be. The newscast was saying that the lava was melting the state and creating an island out of Arizona. It didn’t look good for us. I decided to call my mother and ask her to contact a private pilot and charter a helicopter to save me (& Jermaine & Wendy). I knew the cost for this mission would be high, but I was confident that money would not be an object for my mother; she would pay any amount for me to be saved. Unfortunately my mother told me that I should just put on an additional pair of shoes so that when the lava reached us, my feet wouldn’t burn. Disappointed by her answer, but still determined to live, I convinced Wendy and Jermaine to band our resources together to pay the helicopter rescue fee. As we approached the computer to try to do an internet search for a helicopter in nearby Las Vegas the baby began to stir, thus waking me from this horrendous night-long misadventure.

I was emotionally drained and glad to be awake. Perhaps everything felt so real because in real life I do feel that the hot lava is creeping up upon us. The Bible calls it “a lake of fire” (Rev. 20:15). Maybe the reason my mother didn’t save me is because she couldn’t?

This weird little dream reminds me of the plight of the Christian. As Christians we believe that we have the antidote for death. We believe that we know the helicopter pilot that can save our friends and relatives from the hot lava. His name is Jesus.

So forgive us if we try to introduce you to our friend. We know you can’t see the hot lava creeping up around you; but we see it and we don’t want it to consume you because we love you. Our motivation is love alone. We’re sorry if this offends you, but you’d probably be more offended if we didn’t tell you the good news. How could we claim to love you and not share the secret to eternal life with you? ..that would be like us jumping in the helicopter and leaving you to take your chances with that second pair of shoes...


FloridaMom said...

You just asked me at the wrong time for the money. End of the year expenses are high!

Where was Shaun in all of this? Should have asked him. He's the one with all the money. Plus, his wife was involved, the mother and step-Mom of his kids.

I'm ready for retirement. Can't afford to give you money frivolously. And what were you doing in Arizona, anyway. Should have been home mothering your children!

Anonymous said...

This is SO why I don't read your blogs!!

T5M said...

Mom - you are too funny! Jermaine was rolling when he read your comments. Next time I'll just get the dough from "our" ING account - ha ha!

As foy you, Anonymous, obviously you do read my blogs.


Erin- as I am sitting here with tears in my eyes- I love the story and I am so glad to have you as my friend!
Love Ya,