Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Baby's 1st Haircut...

After four years and 11 months Amelle underwent her first "Hair procedure" today. Yesterday Amelle watched Avery and I get haircuts, after which she proclaimed that she wanted to get her hair cut as well. This was a major surprise. So Jermaine and I combed through the hair mop and braided it up in preparation for the big event.

This morning Amelle, Amaya and I went to the mall (Remember, Amaya is in training) and Amelle kept hounding me, "Now can we get my hair cut?!", "Is it time yet?"... after every store. So we drove over to Best Cuts and got her ends trimmed. It took two stylists to get through the brown, enchanted forest that took root from her scalp. They kept commenting on how much hair she had (like I don't know!). One person cut the sides and the other took on the back. The lady who cut the back actually sat on the floor to cut her hair. 30 minutes and 4 inches later we were handed a bag of fuzzy brown hair and a card that read "Baby's First Haircut", complete with the first lockes that were trimmed.

Though not actually the first time scissors have been put to Amelle's hair (I have been known to take pieces off here and there when I get tired of combing), this was her first OFFICIAL haircut ever. She seemed pleased by the end result.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that's too funny!!! hope it's a bit more manageable for you now!! :-)

FloridaMom said...

She'd be beautiful with no hair, but I know she'd have none of that!