Friday, January 13, 2006

I know a girl...

I have been blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life. My mother, my grandmother, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, & my best friend from high school. That doesn’t include all of the other women who have come, hung around long enough to teach me something, or inspire me in some way and then moved along. And of course there are my two daughters that act as drill sergeants, forcing me to apply all of life’s lessons, especially those that require patience!

The marvelous thing about each of these women is that they have all taught me valuable life lessons. I could almost label each woman under a topic: Savvy, Humble, Faithful, Light-hearted, & Genuine. They would all have the same middle name: Generosity, because each of these amazing women have, at one point or another, generously shared with me their love, patience, time, wisdom, financial resources, kindness, and most of all, their friendship.

It’s so great to be surrounded by such inspiration! I have drawn so many different things from each woman. I’ve even been known to follow the “WWJD” model (“What Would Joline Do”) – particularly when I’m cleaning. If the kids drop apple juice on the kitchen floor, I’d just assume wipe up the spill and move on, but then I get this nagging sensation that says “what would Joline do” …then I get out the Mr. Clean and mop the area because I know that my mother would do so. When I think I’m in control, and worry sets in, I ask “WWSD” – Sylvia wouldn’t be consumed by worry, she would turn it over to God.

Wendy tells me I’m being ridiculous when I need to hear it (and when I’m right, darnit), and I'd run outside naked just to hear her contageous giggle. My Grandmother was the most humble woman I’ve ever known. She was so sweet to me, even when I didn’t deserve it (which was nearly all of the time). And my dear friend, Heather who I have grown up with, epitomizes the term “genuine”. She is honest about who she and who you are. I’ll never forget her calling me out on being “fake pretentious” because I told her I wouldn’t date a guy that shopped at Walmart. I love that she called me fake pretentious, because right there it ended. Now I’m president of the Walmart fan club, and proud of it!

I know that most of the women who I just wrote about will never read this blog (particularly my grandmother), but I wanted to take time to give them their props and to acknowledge their impact in my life.

With much love and adoration,


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that's really sweet :-) it really is neat to see the imprint that people leave on your life...
happy anniversary! LOVE the prom pics!!! you had the perfect hair back then! i would have been jealous of your bangs in the day! love you, erin!

T5M said...

hmmm...another amazing woman in my life...I'd name you the Proverbs 31 Lady!

Glad you like the prom pics - too funny, huh? ..that is my natural curl believe it or not! No perm!

Love you too!

Denise said...

When was your anniversary? How many years? Where are these pictures of you w/ great hair??? :)

FloridaMom said...

Sooooo, you had to make me cry when I least expected it. All I was trying to do was show Gordon, Jermaine's and your high school pictures. I have to say that doesn't look like the Memere that I remember. Can't remember her that heavy. Wendy looks like she is suppose to look and Heather is always beautiful.

Erin, you are a great commuticator in text. This was a total surprise in many ways.

I'm happy that you have been lucky enough to have met these wonderful women and we have been lucky enough to have been graced with your presence.

I love you,


MaineMomKC5 said...

So I'm playing "blog catch up." No, that's not a game we played as children (or is it?). This is a very sweet post, and I appreciate your comments.

I think it is so important to have great women in your life. I found this Irish proverb that sums it all up:

I could have wealth beyond my dreams,
But where is the joy in that?
And I could travel the seven seas,
But I would always come back.
Everyone could know my name,
And there would be no peace.
I could have undying love,
And heartaches still increase.
No, if I were wealthy beyond my dreams
(And where is the joy in that?)
It wouldn't buy friendship such as yours --
And there IS joy in that!