Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beyond all logic

Anyone who knows Amelle knows that she likes to dress up in high heels, sparkly gowns, feathery boas, and costume jewelry. With that in mind, I planned a dress up birthday brunch for her and her 5 girlfriends from school. All the girls showed up in their dress up attire, and Amelle looked like a Bohemian, complete with bare feet. Go figure! Of course, this was after I talked her into taking her sneakers off. By the way, this girl can run in high heels, she NEVER wears sneakers. We’ve got a little rebel on our hands. She takes pleasure in raging against “the machine”. She’s a rebel with out a cause, she’s sticking it to “the man”.

Happy 5th birthday to our little princess!


FloridaMom said...

Miss Amelle Moore doesn't fall far from the tree, AKA Mrs. Erin Moore!

T5M said...

..sure blame it on me.... Did you ever think that maybe I don't fall far from the tree either?! ...guess that means this is all YOUR fault...

...yup, next time you start pointing fingers, maybe you should think it through a little more - huh? :-)