Friday, February 10, 2006

These are the days…to remember..

At this time of year Amelle’s preschool is decorated with countless construction paper hearts, glittery doilies, and little cardboard cupids. Yesterday I noticed two large pieces of paper outside of Amelle’s classroom with hearts all over them. When I looked closer, I noticed sentences with each child’s name next to a sentence. There was a pink paper with the word “Mommy” on top and a blue paper with “Daddy” listed as the title. As a scrolled down to Amelle’s name I read “My mom helps me clean the floor and cook dinner”. The blue sheet indicated “My daddy works on the back of the house”. Then I went through and read other children’s sentences; “My mom watches movies with me”, “My dad teaches me how to ride a bike”, “My mom tickles me”, “My dad plays football with me” and I was saddened by our daughter’s perception of us. We were merely laborers in her little mind. I have a call in with the teacher to find out exactly what the question was. Hopefully it was “tell me how industrious your parents are”, and not “tell me how you know your parents love you”.

The 10,000 maniacs song “These are the days to remember” crept into my mind. With parents so preoccupied with the business of life, I wonder what our children will remember about us when they look back at their childhood?

I keep telling myself that life will slow down once I finish school and once we finish the household projects that we have going on, but will it? I’m a little heartbroken this morning as I ponder this. It's so important to me to get a 4.0 in school and to get the highest performance rating at work, but I may be a “below expectations” at my most important job, “mom”.


FloridaMom said...

You are so fortunate to have a loving family, wonderful children, a husband that is tolerant of your "drive" and yet you are second guesting yourself? No. Don't do it, Erin. This is for a short time and your family is NOT suffering! Amelle will one day be proud that her Mom did all that she did at a time when 'time' was so precious. She will praise you for your accomplishments!

Kristy & John said...

I have to say as good of friends as we've become, I admire almost everything you do. I think you are a great mother, a great wife and an awesome friend! I hope that you are in my life forever!

ps - keep up the good work!

the5moores said... guys are too kind. I'm undeserving of such support!

Love you both!

barbarakuhn said...

Check out Proverbs 31
As woman we're given a lot of gifts and responsibilities - I pray the Lord will give you the wisdom to keep everything straight
See first His kingdom ...

Nanny Babs

barbarakuhn said...

Oops - that was Seek first His kingdom, hmmm so that we see His kingdom..

MaineMomKC5 said...

Erin, you are amazing! You are the only mother I know who can put together the most magical birthday party on a shoestring budget and do most of it the day of the party!

You work a full-time professional career, you are going to school for your MASTERS DEGREE, you are raising three beautiful kids (well, one infant which makes it even harder) and you NEVER, not once, complain.

Being the "lady of the house" is not easy. We have careers, we raise our kids, we (try to) keep the house clean, do laundry, make dinner, have time with our husbands, make time for the kids, make time for ourselves, and we are lucky enough if we have time for anything else.

Life isn't like the days of Key West where our biggest decisions in life were which bar to go to and what to wear (don't ever wear a skirt on a booze cruise!). However, at this point in my life, I would never want to go back to "single life." These are the days right now!

Your children are going to hold themselves to such a high standard in life thanks to you being such an amazing role model!!

Love you!