Thursday, March 30, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do

Wendy sent me this picture of William today, she’s trying to break him of his beloved “Elly”. Elly, if you cannot tell, is a hybrid – part elephant/part blanket. He has been with Will since the beginning and is his thumb-sucking buddy. Like an old married couple, they can’t remember what it’s like to spend the night apart. Will systematically inserts his thumb into his mouth, while his other little fingers grasp Elly’s worn and tattered blue tusk.

Unfortunately, Elly is wrecking havoc on Will’s teeth. Assuming that Will would like to continue to house his front teeth on the inside of his mouth, Elly has simply got to go.

My heart breaks for Will because I know how difficult it is to change habits, we all do. Whether it’s giving up something that we shouldn’t be doing, like smoking cigarettes or eating sweets, or doing something that we should be doing, like exercising; change aint easy. Mama never said it would be.

I’m inspired by Will to work on some of my bad habits. If Will can quit Elly without even realizing why Elly isn’t good for him, surely I can change a habit that I know isn’t good for me. Where to begin, though? My life seems like one big bad habit. I don’t eat healthy enough, I don’t spend money wisely, I don’t exercise, I don’t spend enough time in the Bible, I don’t spend enough time reading to the kids, …I could go on!

Is that how bad habits start? When you’re two you only have one bad habit, by the time your thirty-two, your whole life is one bad habit after the next?


Kristy & John said...

You're probably right - except that I think bad habits are more of a security "blanket" for us. Comfort foods, indulgent shopping sprees when you're having a bad day! I wish all of those things were as easy to break as having mommy lose your security blanket and getting over it by dinner time! I can imagine how Wendy must feel though - Annie actually had to cut Aiden's 1st blanket down to a 4"x4" square because it was so tattered (and he actually carried it in his pocket until he turned 5)!

FloridaMom said...

I understand about the teeth thing. However, can we give him some amnesia medication to get through this?

the5moores said...

Just dip that thumb in some 151.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i guess i can't really make any comments on the blanket....i STILL sleep with mine!! it's 25 years old! seth will never let me live it down, either!

MaineMomKC5 said...

I'd still have my blanket if Shaun didn't make me throw it out (I think he was jealous)!! Some habits are very hard to break! I find it endearing since I also sucked my thumb (and wore braces later on b/c of it), but it's time. It's time for Elly to go to the "farm" as Shaun puts it. Although, it was sad when Will, sitting on the couch Elly-less, said to me, "Mum .... I miss Elly." Broke my heart!!