Tuesday, March 07, 2006


A true testimony to God’s presence in our life and to the power of prayer!

We put a “for sale” sign on the lawn last Wednesday (the same day our phone line went out of service for 3 days) and by Sunday we were signing a buyer/seller agreement for our house after showing it to only 2 people. God even provided babysitters while we held the open house (Seth & Nancy graciously took Avery & Amelle to see Curious George). They walked back in the house as we were signing the last of the contracts.

Over the last two days Jermaine and I have been filled with such joy and appreciation. We’re practically floating on air, after having been stressed about selling the house for the last couple months. It’s so funny, with the stress lifted, we’re walking around like newlyweds, “I love you”, “No, I love you more”… “Oh no, that couldn’t possibly be, because I love you more than anything”…. it’s admittedly sickening.

We’re closing in just 3 weeks and the buyers are great! - A wonderful, young family! They absolutely love the house, in fact, they said that they felt honored that we picked them to sell our house to! As much as I love my house, I am at peace with leaving it in the hands of a family that loves it and will take care of it. The transaction couldn’t be more perfect; God took care of all of the details.

Anyone got any boxes?!


PhillyFilly said...

OH Erin we are so happy for you but so sad to have you move away from us! God does indeed work in the most amazing ways!

T5M said...

Amen to that my Philly Phriend!

Big smiles...


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

Seth said that he better not see Jermaine acting all "lovey-dovey" or he'll have to kick his you know what!

Like I said before...seeing you guys sign those papers was bittersweet. You'll definitely be missed! Praise the Lord for the internet though.
Glad we could help out the other day...your kids were definitely more entertaining than the movie! They crack me up!!

barbarakuhn said...

Praise the Lord for his answers to our prayers. He is always faithful.

(Comment to Nancy about Seth - He's kicking Jermaine? Look up lovey-dovey in the dictionary and there's a picture of Seth! The MIL)