Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

On Friday we’re having a farewell luncheon for Ty, Tonia, and Kristy. We’re mourning the loss of 1/3rd of our department by wallowing in take-out and a cake that will be inscribed to our recently departed teammates “Best Wishes”, or some other corny catch phrase. I’m in charge of planning the little shebang, which gives me authority to put whatever I want on the cake. I’m thinking of putting “Last one out is a rotten egg…and the first one has to eat it”.

One of the things I love about Kristy is her penchant for accessorizing events with food. Kristy is all about the spread. Her offer to help us move was quite naturally followed by “do you want us to bring donuts and a “Box O Joe?”. She cracks me up with that.

Last Sunday Jermaine came in pretty late (after the kids had gone to sleep). I told Amelle that I’d have daddy give her a kiss when he came in. In the morning she cornered me in the bathroom with her hand on her hip and said “Daddy didn’t kiss me last night”, I said “Yes he did”. She said “No he didn’t, I saw him”. I said, “You saw him? What did he look like?” She said “He was hairy”. End of discussion.

It’s humbling to see your faults appear in your children. A while back I received some really good advice from a friend of ours (who has grown children): “don’t take credit for their successes and don’t take the blame for their failures”. I constantly remind myself that they are God’s children first, ours second.


Kristy & John said...

Just put:

See ya Suckas!! on it - that will do!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

where's tonia going?

Kristy & John said...

To Friends Hospital - you know, the psychiatric hospital on the boulevard