Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh Deere...

Thursday evening on our trip to Maine Shaun called us from our house and informed us that there were 3 deer in our backyard. Little did I know that this was foreshadowing of the deere that would come into the backyard and stay. The species of deere I am referring to is green and yellow and causes grown men to act like boys. It came into our lives on Saturday, the day progress on our home renovation was stymied.

The boys ventured out early Saturday morning with a plan to finish the upstairs bathroom, the first room in the house. I had picked out the tile, faucets, toilets, tub, and vanity the day before, they had everything in hand to get the job finished. With dreams of locking myself in the only room in the house that would be finished, I turned the corner of our street Saturday afternoon to check on the progress. As I approached the house I could almost hear the Tim Allen gorilla grunting over the sound of that insidious beast. The Deere.

Two acres of lawn was coiffed like a hippie who joined the military. The long field grass in our back had undergone the shears of The Deere.

By Saturday night the lawn had underwent further trimming by something that came out of a purple box labeled “The Wild Thing”. My brother wielded “The Wild Thing” and a weed whacker with the skill of a seasoned barber running his favorite clippers along the faces of his Saturday morning regulars. My bathroom hadn’t been touched.

By Sunday, the children had enjoyed Deere rides and additional accessories for The Deere had been purchased, along with the entire season’s supply of lawn care products (thank you Shaun). The only thing missing is the tent that we’ll be living in on June 1st – situated in the backyard of our unfinished home.


FloridaMom said...

Oh deere is right! Men just do not work from the same side of the brain as women.

I'm sure there is a logical explanation why the backyard took presidence over the interior of the house but I can't imagine what it is. I hardly blame Jermaine. I think your brother is the culprit. To Shaun, living in Maine is all about the deere. I'm telling you that if it wasn't for his citified job, he'd let his teeth rot, wear flannel 24/7, grow a beard and have a piece of straw in his mouth to chew. I really think he'd move his family into a trailer with 100 acres of land. It's all about the land to him! Now Shaun wasn't always like this. He use to be normal. So, once the Maine gets into JerMaine, watch out! Another Shaun may be born.

T5M said...

Jermaine has already warned me that if he lands a job where he can work from home, he may never shave again. He aspires to be a mountain man. I'm scared.

The dedication plaque for the lawn has already been ordered "To Shaun".

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

Your mom might be on to something with the trailer there! It would be better than a tent :-) How'd the interview go?

MaineMomKC5 said...

Sadly, it is true. Shaun would gladly live in a trailer and have acres and acres of land to mow. All he would need in his trailer is a small refrigerator, a large, hi-def TV and his Barka lounger. The lack of job completion on your house is definitely all Shaun's doing.

When spring comes around, I lose Shaun to:

A) The Red Sox
B) The lawn

I see a small tear in his eye as he puts the JD in the shed for the winter.

P.S. I have a nice tent you can borrow.