Thursday, April 27, 2006

The worst of times...the best of times..

I know that to most people this looks like a nightmare, but I have to admit that no other photo in recent months has brought me more joy (not even Will’s redneck photo). When I look at this picture, I don’t see insulation, ladders, a home wrapped in what appears to be black and green paper, and an outdated octagon window. I see progress. I see transformation. I see the future.

Last weekend, our new neighbor, friend, and contractor (Rick - who, by the way, took time off from his normal occupation as an Angel to help us with the house) asked Amelle is she liked her new house. She replied "No", to which he responded "It's going to look worse before it looks better". I guess this photograph tells that story.

Yesterday, Jermaine and I had a good laugh about how happy we were looking at our home in such disarray. I’m one mouse-click away from putting this photo up as my desktop and Jermaine is showing his co-workers his John Deere keys – think we’re excited?

God is so good.


MaineMomKC5 said...

Your house is going to be great once it's done!! New siding, new windows, a whole new inside (plus your deer head over the mantle) - it'll be like a new house!

Woo hoo!

Kristy & John said...

Holy crap! Your house is naked! Good luck and let us know when you're having a painting party or something.


T5M said...

Jones ..a true sign of a real friend - volunteering to paint & move. You guys are the best!

As for you Ms. deer head - I never could figure out taxidermy - "yeh, lets kill some animals and stuff 'em and then put them all around our house so they can scare the heck out of us"?!. Like Mack's "gameroom" - I thought there was going to be foosball table & a pinball machine, not a 7 foot tall bear and a moose head. I guess it's a Maine thing.

MaineMomKC5 said...

I heard your cedar shakes are up - I'll take a picture tomorrow!!

Dead animals displayed in your home is a definite Maine thing. I can envision Jermaine and Shaun hunting in the near future - and Shaun pulling a "Cheney" and shooting Jerms in the arse.

Good times are a comin'!

FloridaMom said...

You are on your way!

Your house will be beautiful and just what you wanted when it is completed.
I think my daughter-in-law is on to something with the deer head over the mantle. However, don't tell me if Jermaine and Shaun decide to go hunting. I don't even want to know when they use the "Wild Thing". Citified men trying to play "hicks". Someone may get hurt!

JD said...

Forget about the house....Where are the pictures of the lawn that used to be a field?

FloridaMom said...

I wonder who is responding to your blog as "deere john". It couldn't be the instigator of the caper that allowed your house to remain in its present state without improvement! However, given the comment, who else could it be?

T5M said... about "Shaun Deere"..

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

any new pictures of the house? maybe you could install some kind of webcam so that we can see the work being done in "real-time" :-)

T5M said...

Hey Nance,
I'll e-mail you some updates!