Sunday, May 07, 2006

ConGRADUATIONS Nurse Sylvia!

On Friday night we were honored to attend Sylvia's graduation from her 18-month long LPN program. I am so proud of Sylvia. We both attended school at the same time - during which time we were sounding boards for one another. I have to admit that her LPN program was far more rigorous than my master's program. She has definitely had to study more than I've had to and she has poured more of herself into achieving this goal than I can even imagine. The whole first year that she was in the program she didn't deviate from the schedule of work/school/study. She never missed a day of class or clinical (except for the day of Amaya's birth). I know this wasn't an easy goal to accomplish, but she did it and I am so happy for her!!

NCLEX here she comes!!


FloridaMom said...

Congratulations Syliva!

We are ALL so PROUD of you and your accomplishments!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Congratulations Sylvia!!

It must be a wonderful feeling to accomplish your goal!!

T5M said...

...It must also be wonderful to look like your 29 years old forever...

...I don't know how she does it!