Sunday, May 28, 2006

Labor and Delivery

My mother and I just finished 9 hours of labor; the delivery is set for June 26th.

I told my Jermaine that I did not want stainless steel appliances. They’re overrated. They cost more, they have black trim, they show fingerprints, they aren’t magnetized, and there is about 40 different type of stainless steel. I told him that white would be better, it would brighten up the kitchen, it would be a breeze to pick out. I told him that if he wanted stainless steel, he would have to pick it all out and he better not tell me how much he spent.

My mother (in Maine) and I (in PA) began our day with an early morning call: 7:30am. By 9 she was telling me all about the LG appliances in Home Depot. By 10 I was in Home Depot (in PA) looking at appliances (stainless steel), by 11 I was in Lowes looking at Fridgidaire appliances, by noon I was utterly confused and wondering how I was in the middle of this mess. By 1:00 I was online, researching appliances…(why do they make titanium refrigerators – they don’t match any other appliance!!!!). By 2:00 I was in Best Buy looking at their LG appliances. By 3:00 I was back and forth between Jermaine and my mother (who was calling me from the Home Depot store phone because she couldn’t get a signal on her cell phone in the store). By 4:00 I was ready to skip appliances altogether and move back into the stone age – rubbing sticks together and cooking over an open flame seemed more appealing than choosing an oven. At 5:00 she finally executed the sale at Home Depot. Then she had to visit the kitchen design dept to add the cabinet frame to our kitchen cabinet order (to cover up the ugly black side of the SS refrigerators – why do they do that?). By 6:00 we were both sweaty and tired from the ordeal.

This morning I’m toying with the idea of changing my refrigerator and oven selections. (Don’t tell my mom).


JD said...

By 5:00 PM we will be intsalling the Washer and Dryer.

T5M said...

...if only things were that easy my deere brother. Not so, by 5pm Jerms will be at the laundry mat because the store had the dryer, but no washer. Perhaps you'll be installing them on Wednesday night.

Nothing is ever easy.

MaineMomKC5 said...

I'm telling your mother!!

JD said...

He is welcome to wash all skidless items at our facility.

T5M said...

There is no such thing; he's a man.

It has always amazed me at how men can get skids on boxers, but women can wear thongs without ever having a single skid.

FloridaMom said...

I glad I'm back in Florida.

The appliance thing was and is a nightmare. Matching this with this because is doesn't match with that! I just spend too much money putting in all my stainless steel appliances in my own kitchen and none of them match. However, I didn't know that they didn't match until my daughter was worried about matching appliances.

Now, my eyes go directly to my GE dishwasher handle that is too close to my Thermadore oven handle. They are like night & day!!!! My LG microwave is too shiney for my Magtag refrigerator.

Nothing matches, yet I didn't know it until today!

FloridaMom said...

What, Jermaine gets to wash laundry at Shaun & Wendy's house. How Come!

Deere John had me so petrified to use his facilities that underware was at a premium until today when I washed at my own home.

JD said...

I let him wash them in the washtub out back where I also forced him to use the outhouse.