Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The 5 Moores Plus 1 Moore

We're happy to officially change our status from "the 5 Moores" to "the 6 Moores", at least until the end of July. Cousin Ariel is spending some time with us this summer. Ariel has always been like the child we never had to give birth to. From the time she was three she would spend the night at our house, sometimes just for a night, sometimes for a whole week. Now we've got her for five weeks! There is so much to love about Ariel (besides the fact that she didn't give me stretch marks!). She is funny and is a goofball like the rest of the family (save Jermaine). She is very outgoing and adapts to any situation with ease. She is a good girl with a heart for Jesus. She adores Amaya (translation = holds her a lot AND has even changed a diaper or two!). She also puts up with (I mean plays with) Avery and Amelle. Their relationship is like that of siblings - sometimes they play well together, other times they all get on each others nerves. Anyway, it's such a pleasure to have her around. (Right now she's feeding Amaya so that I can write this).


FloridaMom said...

Ariel is a great addition to your family and a major help to you, I'm sure. Twelve year olds are the best! Babysitting, a third hand & someone to talk to other than a five and seven year old.

MaineMomKC5 said...

Who is better than Ariel? She's grown into such a beautiful young woman.