Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Amaya Update

I guess it's been a while since I've given an Amaya update and since baby-time is accelerated, I'll give a brief synopsis of where she's at.

She's a nut. I knew it was wrong to drink ice coffee when I was pregnant, but I did it anyway; I take full responsibility for her craziness. I think she's still working the caffiene out of her's like she's on speed. Busy, busy, busy.

She's definitely on the go, crawling and pulling up on everything. She tries to stand up on her own; she wants to walk, but hasn't figured out that in order to begin walking, you have to slow down and take it easy. Clearly she'd like to run before walking.

She still only has two teeth, but she eats everything I put in front of her. I think she's going to be cutting a top tooth soon, the signs are there. Her hair is long enough for pig tails, not bad for not-quite-9 months. The nine month mark is interesting, it makes me think that she's finally spent more time out of the womb than inside it. She's arrived!

She gets into everything (shown above, having fun with her dad's cds today). She's the lightest sleeper known to man. I still have to get up most nights to plug her with her pacifier, and often times she wakes up between 4 and 6 in the morning with the notion that it's time to start her day.

All in all, she's okay; I think we'll keep her.


MaineMomKC5 said...

Well, technically a pregnancy lasts 10-months, but Amaya is definitely advanced for her almost-nine-months old life.

That picture is way too cute!

FloridaMom said...

She has the face of an angel but in this picture I see mischief in her eyes.

She is just soooo cute!

TheKeyRing said...

Emme has that same outfit, and it's my books that she keeps getting into -- Mallorie already took all the CDs. I remember hitting the nine month mark with Emme and thinking with a certain amount of disbelief that when Jason was nine months old I was already six months pregnant with Mallorie!!!! UGH!! I decided not long ago that I like having a few years between children, they get to be little as long as they want, and we get to enjoy every little thing they do.

barbarakuhn said...

Who wants a boring kid anyway. Sounds a lot like my younger daughter and she turned out just fine. I can't believe she's having a baby!!! It's like life is fast-forwarding....

Nanny Babs or Grandma Wyld (my maiden name, Denise thinks might be used after my Mom