Friday, July 14, 2006

Bybass if you have a weak stomach...

Recently during an interview I was asked what the best decision I’ve ever made was. I replied with the first thing that came to my mind, “Marry my husband”. (In retrospect the best decision would be accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but accepting Jermaine’s proposal is next).

Its amazing that God saw it in His plan to bring a crazy atheist New Hampshire girl gone wild together with a quiet, contemplative, buddhist from Pennsylvania, and He made it work so that we’d create this solid Christ-centered marriage. Then He gave us three kids to boot!

You sometimes hear talk about “the seven year itch”, but after seven years of marriage, I can say with all honesty that our marriage keeps getting better and better with every passing year. I still get excited to see him and I still get chills when he kisses me, so I don’t see what all that itching is about. I look forward to growing old with him; to me he’s the best thing going. Notice, I didn’t say perfect. He’s definitely not perfect. This morning he let out some gas in the under the covers in the bedroom that made paint peel off the walls. The children had to be evacuated from the 2nd floor until the fumes had cleared (a good 30 minutes). However, his imperfection is a good thing. I once heard Zig Zigler say, “if your mate was perfect, then they wouldn’t be married to you”.

Here’s a picture of Jermaine defending his family against a basketball-sized wasp colony (in 90 degree heat).

Okay, I'm jumping the couch. I'll stop.


Denise said...

are you sure that that mask wasn't protecting him from his gas? :)

T5M said...

Yeah! I needed one of those masks the other day! :-)

FloridaMom said...

Is this the same JerMainer that kills snakes with his bare hands?

MaineMomKC5 said...

Is that an "athletic supporter" covering his mouth and nose?

barbarakuhn said...

7 years that's nice - I'm going on 34 yrs. and it just keeps gettin' better. We survived 21 days 24/7 & 6,200 miles in a car together!

I listened to 37 hours of books/sermons on tape, made a blanket & baby sweater & did a bible study on Lamentations.

Nanny Babs