Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Ehhh" is a 4 letter word

As we prepared to leave Philadelphia, I was certain that I would have one or more emotional breakdowns during the course of the move. I just knew that leaving my house would be painful; I knew that the last time I descended the stairway I would have tears streaming down my cheeks; but that never happened. I also thought that after a week or two in Maine I would look Jermaine squarely in the eyes and say, “What in the world have we done? ..we’ve left jobs we love, we’ve left people we love, we’ve left a church we love, we’ve left a home we love…what have we done?!” But that moment never came either.

However, in preparation for those times, I had the forethought to create a list of the things I knew I would NOT miss about living in the greater Philadelphia area. Just for kicks, I’ll share that list with you…

1. I won’t miss walking through the mall seeing framed posters of Scarface. Scarface is a movie, NOT a work of art. Pictures of scarface belong on 5”x7” DVD jackets, not framed and placed in livingrooms.

2. I won’t miss “The Rat”. Yes, I definitely won’t miss seeing the union rat situated outside of companies like it’s a float in the Thanksgiving Day parade. Generally the Rat is surrounded by a bunch of disgruntled union protesters barbequing and holding picketing signs – I won’t miss them either.

3. I won’t miss hearing the word “woorter” to describe H20 (though my kids say it), I won’t miss the term “mom-mom” to describe one’s grandmother, and I DEFINITELY won’t miss the word “crown” to describe the objects that children use to color (it’s CRAY-ON people – simple phonics!). I also won’t miss the terms “ink pen” (pen), “salat” (salad), “ax” (ask) and especially “ehhh” (no translation). “Ehhh” is what some people (especially people from lovely Northeast Philadelphia) say during any pause in a conversation, some even use it to begin sentences. For example, “Ehhh, what’s the name of that guy, ehhh, with the TV show with Kramer and Elaine?

That’s really as far as I got with my list, if you have any other Philadelphia-isms that you’d like to add, please feel free.


FloridaMom said...

You moved into a part of the world with its' own language. What do you think about that?

T5M said...

You are so correct! I'm saving that for another blog... :-)