Thursday, July 06, 2006

Farewell to Nanny McPhee

Amelle had been doubling as Nanny McPhee the last few weeks, she had a loose tooth that somehow got permanently pushed forward, creating a single protruding tooth from her mouth whenever she smiled. Yesterday she lost that tooth and was restored to the Amelle that we all know and love.

She was excited to receive a visit from the tooth fairy and informed us that she would have four dollars tomorrow! Last night she bombarded me with a bunch of questions, "Does Daddy have to call him to tell him to come?", "What does the toothfairy do with all the teeth?", Where does the toothfairy live?" - my response was that no one knows for certain - to which she responded "Jesus knows". Darn kids - they're always correcting me.


MaineMomKC5 said...

She made such a beautiful Nanny McFee!

Still baking bread?

FloridaMom said...

Amelle could be toothless and still be beautiful. Whether she is five or fifty-five, her eyes will hold their beauty!

T5M said...

...I'm hoping that she'll always be beautiful on the inside - that will permiate. Even the most "beautiful" person on the outside can be ugly if they act that way.

PhillyFilly said...

hi Erin! it's good to read your blogs! sorry it's been awhile as I had to have some surgery on my hip and my oldest grandchild was staying with me for sometime.

You are right about what you say, the most beautiful person can have hell in there hearts. I miss seeing your beautiful children!

T5M said...

...praying that your recovery continues to go smoothly. Glad to see you back on the blog!