Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

What a predictable title.

Anyway, the kids have had an amazing holiday so far. This is one of Shaun's favorite holidays, so I've dubbed him "The Grand Master of the 4th". He informed us last week that the weekend would involve 2 cookouts, a bike parade, and fireworks. Yesterday, we had an unexpected invitation to a friend's lakehouse. Shaun ventured off with the four oldest kids (Ariel, Joelle, Avery & Mina) and Wendy and I stayed home with the little ones (Amelle, Will, & Amaya). Shaun's gang enjoyed a day of boating, jet-skiing, diving off the boat and floating dock, tubing on the back of the boat and more. They were there from noon to six and didn't even stop for lunch or dinner! Our little gang enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches and a trip to the McDonalds playland, followed by McFlurrys. You'll have to check out the Casey 5 site for pictures of Shaun's adventure. Ariel woke up yesterday never having been on a boat and went to sleep last night having driven one! Early reports have also indicated that Avery had a ear-to-ear smile the entire day.

When Shaun arrived back, all four kids were completely passed out in his truck. It would've been fine if their day way over, but their night was just beginning. They still had to go into Portsmouth for fireworks!

Since I don't have any pictures of yesterday's adventures, I'm posting some recent random pictures. I'm sure there will be more pictures tomorrow....

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