Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Every once in a while someone will throw out a question that makes you think. Recently one of Jermaine's coworkers asked him what the most treasured possession that he owned was. He then posed the question to me and I had to contemplate for about a week before deciding. So I'll pose the question to you - What is your most treasured possession? ...it's the thing that if your house burned down and you could only save one item, you'd chose that one thing.

Jermaine's answer was predictable. He said something to the effect, "Since I don't own my family, so I can't choose that, so I'd have to say, my bible". Now I will do what wives do and speak for him. I think that his most valuable possession is his ipod. His bible can be replaced. Sure, not the underlines, or the notes in the columns, but he could pick up a new bible tomorrow if he had to. The Word of God is a wonderful answer, but EENNHH (that was suppose to be the buzzer sound, that goes off when your wrong - gameshow style). I think that his ipod is that one item that he'd like to save if the house were to burn down. Jermaine has spent hours and hours carefully selecting songs and sermons for his listening pleasure. He uses his ipod several times every day. He loves that darn thing, it's one of a kind, customized specifically for him.

I would save the computer. I know that's a lame thing to say, but I'm being real here. Almost all of my pictures are on it and I would hate to lose those. I would also hate to lose my poetry journal, but I do have some poems that I've already typed up on the computer, so saving the computer would also help me with that. I've also scanned in some of the children's art work, so the computer, as lame as it may be, is actually a very pragmatic selection.

I know that my nephew Will would choose "Elly" (Wendy probably would too, for that matter). Amaya would chose her clip on binky, and Amelle would definitely select her pink blanket.

Sooo...tell me, what is your most treasured possession? (You can't use people, so no cheating!) What's the one thing that would break your heart if you lost it?


The Gawel's said...

I would have to say my pictures as well, and the kids baby books that say what they did for milestones as babies. This makes me want to go out and buy a fire proof safe!

Kristy & John said...

I would have to say the big giant bin of all my childhood pictures - you know the ones that you took and got developed - no digital camera!! I have so many memories - once in awhile I go through them and sit and laugh and cry. There are so many pictures there of people who are no longer with us and it would devastate me to lose them. The materialistic side of me would say my 45 pairs of shoes (and yes, I do wear most of them!).

The Gawel's said...

What is Avery's?

MaineMomKC5 said...

Yes, for me it would also be pictures I've accumulated throughout the years. Included in that would be my wedding pictures b/c I also have the negatives so if they burned - well, I don't even want to go there.

Nicky, I'm constantly thinking about getting a fireproof safe as well! I just need to do it!

It's funny you wrote this blog Erin b/c this morning I was sitting with Will who was sucking his thumb with Elly in his usual position (which means he holds Elly's trunk with one hand - the sucking hand - and flicks the yellow crusty tusks with the free hand). I said, "what will we do if we lose Elly? Get a new one?" And he quickly said, "No!" If we ever lost Elly and had to replace him (which would be tough to do since I've never seen another one like his), it wouldn't be the same crusty, stinky, well-worn Elly as the one he loves so dearly.

I'm thinking about getting Elly insured.

Tia said...

I would take my bike. So far it has to be the one material thing that I can't seem to part ways with. My feeling for my bike seems to have the same effect on me that "Elly" has on your nephew.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i'd have to say winchester...though i'd hope he'd be able to get out himself! something "non-living"...the hope chest that seth gave me as a wedding gift...which is filled with memory stuff :-) i don't think i'd be able to move it in a hurry though!

T5M said...

Avery chose "ice cream", but he was eating ice cream when I asked him, so I think that influenced his decision. ...either that, or he's simple.

FloridaMom said...

I couldn't answer this question right away. Had to think about it for awhile.

Last year, when we fled Bonita Springs, Florida with the prediction of Hurricane Wilma, I took my jewelry (none of which was very expensive), the picture of me with the 2004 Red Sox World Series Trophy and financial documents. There were many more things I wanted to take but couldn't bring them on the plane. If I could only choose ONE item..........the winner would be, the Red Sox picture!

Everything else could be replaced!

T5M said...

You make your son proud Mom - you're a true New Englander!!! :-)

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