Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Trading it all in for a Pitchfork

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have a lot of farms out our way. Yesterday while driving by one, tuning out four kids and the catchy theme song from Hannah Montana that I had to play for the umteenth time, I came to the conclusion that if we hit the lottery, Jermaine may just become a farmer. Yes, I think he would. A hay farmer, nothing too complex.

Farming would be the perfect profession for Jermaine, here's my rationale:
1) He LOVES to cut the lawn. Every Saturday morning he gets up at the crack of 9am and hops on his John Deere for a two-hour lawn expedition. When I suggested that he wait until Sunday morning before church, he informed me that he can't - he looks forward to cutting the lawn all week, so Saturday morning it is.
2) He loves the physical labor scene. Jermaine would be happy to work with his hands ("real work"). He once told me that wearing a tie is like being strangled all day - he would be happy if he never had to wear a tie again.
3) He'd love to work from home. Jermaine doesn't need the social interaction at the office, he'd be happy talking to no one all day. Maybe a dog; yeah, he'd probably get that Swiss Mountain Dog and attach some kind of plow to it. When he was trying to "sell" me on this dog he told me it's a "working dog". However, unless it can babysit three kids and make dinner, it's of no use to me.

Its always fun to think about what you'd do if you won the lottery (which would be a real miracle, since we don't even play the lottery). Of course you'd relax for a bit, but then you'd want to do something constructive with your time...what would you do?

I think I'd get a babysitter and go back to school for my doctorate. Since Jermaine will never comment on my blog, I can basically write whatever I want about him without correction. He'd be a farmer, either that or a figure skater.


TheKeyRing said...

I think he should really consider the figure skater idea. I can see it now -- he could be on tour with "Disney on Ice" I'd probably even pay extra to see this!!! Don't get me wrong, I think figure skating is a wonderful thing for some people, but I seem to recall your husband expressing his lack of fondness for the cold weather and let's face it, if you're going to be a figure skater it will involve some ice time and they have to keep it cold enough for the ice to stay frozen. Maybe farmer is more up his alley, but I still think we'd all get some entertainment out of watching him become a figure skater.

T5M said...

I'd pay big time to see him just in the figure skating leotard - he doesn't even have to step foot on the ice - the costume alone would be worth the price of admission!


FloridaMom said...

I could picture JerMaine as a farmer. However, not in Maine because the season is too short. Unless, his second occupation would be a snow plower (or whatever those guys who clean the streets are called.)

Watch out, Erin. I just may have given him an idea to buy that big, old, plow thing that goes on his John Deere.

Forget the figure skating, I like the plowing of grass fields and snow better!

barbarakuhn said...

While growing up in the city I never knew... cows stay out all night, horse/cow poop really, really stinks, farmers work sun up 'til sun down, farm equipment takes up the entire road, there are honor system coin boxes at the stands, what soybeans look like, fruit trees are hit with huge bat-like things, deer go into rut, you take care of your own trash, you can see the stars, you need your upper beams and there ain't no Dunkin Donuts.
Nanny Babs

Kristy & John said...

The more you talk about Maine, the more it makes me think of where I grew up. No public buses - if you didn't have a car, you weren't going - the neighbors were barely in walking distance. Farms all over the place, quietness, people move slower. It definitely is much different in the city. Not quite ready to trade it in for the simple life - but kids one day might make me think differently!