Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Good Night!"

Last night I got to choose the bedtime story, I'm pretty consistent with my selection, I almost always pick "How do Dinosaurs say Good Night?" - it's an amazingly illustrated story - a classic. Anyway, Avery asked if he could read it to Amelle and I, which I gladly agreed to. I then decided it would be fun for the kids if I acted it out while Avery read it - I was wrong, the only one I entertained with my grossly over-animated gestures was myself. Anyway...get to the point of the blog already...right?

The gem came at the very end of the book. Avery read, ...they tuck in their tails and whispered "good night!" and then busted out in laughter. I mean a really hardy belly laugh, "Mom isn't that funny, they whispered "Good Night!" They must've been like "Good Night!" he said in a whisper, but with all kinds of enthusiasm, because it was followed by an exclamation point, then he giggled and repeated it a few times, giggling in between each one until he had me laughing and trying to whisper "Good Night!".'s truly the simple things in life. Kids are so awesome, it reminds me what an honor it is to be a parent.


barbarakuhn said...

George did the best voices especially The Fox & Hound. I was much more boring & still am. I loved games & puzzles, drove the kids crazy, "O.K. Mom we'll play a game with you." Recently I'm playing gin rummy, mancala, PayDay, Allowance Game and Clue with the surrogate grandkiddies. I'm lovin' it!

TheKeyRing said...

I still find that my kids are the best at making me laugh. They see it as a challange, since it is rare that a move or television program can make me laugh out loud, but get the four of them together and I'm almost sure to end up on the floor rolling in laughter. Whether it is Emme just doing the things that babies do that we all find amazing and amusing at the same time, or Hannah with her dry wit that she doesn't even know she's got, Mallorie being a 14 year old teenager in the edge of spacey, or Jason trying to manage as the only boy in a house full of estrogen when Kevin is not at home -- we're usually in for a good laugh. I think that is the best kind of laughter, the chuckles that originate out of nothing at all.