Thursday, August 24, 2006

Locks of Love

After years of hair combing chaos and tears, Amelle finally said goodbye to 10 inches of hair. That hair has caused so much grief to our family over the years that I almost felt bad donating it to locks of love – I mean, haven’t those parents been through enough, without having to comb through that thick curly mess? Amelle was quite apprehensive about getting the 10 inch trim, not so much because she’d miss the length, but because she was frightened to death that the hairdresser would have to comb her hair. I actually had to pull out the card that no parent ever wants to pull out, “I’ll do anything you want if you let the hairdresser cut it”. Avery’s eyes got big and he immediately tried to whisper something in her ear that he undoubtedly would benefit from. Amelle demanded a lipstick and some gum, which I gladly agreed to. I also threw in a trip to Chuck E Cheese (I was planning to take them there the next day anyway), and a swim in the pool with no hair cover. That, and the 10 lollipops the hairdresser gave her weakened her to the point that she removed her hands from her head and allowed them to cut a straight line across her dry, uncombed hair, all while she stood with her face buried in my lap.

Combing hair has been a battlefield in our family for years. This summer Amelle actually banished me from her hair altogether and elected Jermaine as her stylist. Jermaine, though always willing to help out, never did fully accept his new role, which caused some degree of strife for all of us.

Amelle absolutely LOVES her new hair. She’s been alternating between wearing it up and down and flipping it all around. I think it’s adorable; a 100% improvement all the way around. Jermaine, Amelle, and I are all absolutely elated about her new do. Sylvia – not so happy, but I’m sure she’ll come around once she sees it in person.


The Gawel's said...

You have me thinking now- her hair still looks pretty long and very cute!! It even looks healthier. Ashlyn is all on board with helping kids, now it is Dave and I that have to get used to the idea.

FloridaMom said...

Beautiful, Beautiful and more BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i remember helping you try to comb through that mess a few times! i'm sure someone will be very happy to have her beautiful hair! her hair really doesn't look that short...i guess it's a bit easier to get ten inches when you have curls that stretch! i love it!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Her hair is definitely not short, it's still a great, fun length. It looks so healthy now!

She looks so BEAUTIFUL!

T5M said...

I am loving it, we both are. It's amazing that every single person I tell, their daughter "did that last year" or "just did the same thing". I'm not kidding - everyone up here has done it. Lots of wigs comin' from New England!

Amelle gets more compliments on her hair now than before because it's out - not up in those four funky braids.