Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Maine Roots

Well, I successfully made it through my first day without my spare set of hands. We brought Ariel home last weekend and have resumed life as "The 5 Moores". Ariel was such a huge help to me; it was so wonderful to be able to take showers in peace! That's not to say that the six weeks went by flawlessly. Having a forth child (who is use to being an only child and who is 5 years older and smarter than our oldest) had its own unique challenges. I no longer owned the car radio, the computer or the passenger side window (which I like down, but she likes up - for hair reasons). I could no longer spell out words that I didn't want the children to hear, I could no longer have alone time with my husband after 8pm, and I found myself having to answer to another person all day, which was definitely an adjustment for me. On the other hand, Ariel was great company for me and the kids, and I enjoyed our time in the evening, folding laundry together, reading, and chatting.

One of our awesome neighbors purchased a willow tree for Ariel, so that she would always have roots in Maine.


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that's so neat! i love willow trees! hopefully someday you can get a dogwood as well ;-)

FloridaMom said...

I love the tree part. Probably doesn't mean a lot to her right now but as she grows, she will always remember that she has a tree planted that truly belongs to her.

Makes me want to go out a buy a tree of my own. However, by the time it grows, I won't remember that I planted it!