Monday, August 21, 2006

Mountains and Mexican Food

Jeff and Dawn came up this weekend for a visit. For those that don’t know – Jeff is Jermaine’s best friend and Dawn is his lovely wife. This was their second trip to Maine this summer (hopefully that makes all of you who haven’t even visited once feel bad). On Saturday we went for a hike at Mount Agamenticus (Mount A).

The kids get soooo excited when we have friends and family visit (okay, their parents get excited too). There is just nothing better than spending time with people you love. On Saturday night we went out for Mexican food (I mean, we are in Maine and you know how Maine is known for it’s Mexican food).

Editors note: The pink backpack belongs to Amaya, it was filled with our water and fruit - Jeff was just being kind by lugging it up the Mountain for me (Jermaine was lugging up our 18 lb baby). I think he was a little self-conscious about wearing a pink backpack, when I asked him to go stand next to his "sweetie" so that I could take a photo, he thought I meant Jermaine. Posted by Picasa

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MaineMomKC5 said...

What a great couple!

I love how you get free gas with every bean burrito you purchase!