Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now What?

So I handed in my laptop and cell phone at Cardinal on Sunday and I finished up my final two classes last week, what? I went from having no time, to having all kinds of time. For months I've said that August would be my month, well, August is here and the clock is ticking! Yesterday I accepted a position and I will begin work at the end of the month. I'm so excited that they've allowed me to push back my start date to coincide with the first day of school.

I'm not someone who is entirely comfortable with having nothing to do (though having three kids around hardly qualifies as "nothing to do"). I began my week with making Avery write in his journal, I implemented a rewards and recognition program for the children, I started working on the 2nd edition of our family newsletter, and I have begun designing a website for a local christian organization. Some of my other plans are to organize the house (things are moved in, but they aren't where they belong), do some painting around the house (during Amaya's naps), tackle the kids summer reading lists (6 pages long), do some recreational reading of my own, and most importantly, try to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with the kids, knowing that this is a rare and unique opportunity - a blessing from God, really.

With my new found time I'm toying with the idea of getting into a watercolor painting class this fall/winter for fun. Even if it never happens, it's really exciting to be able to think of ways to fill up time that was previously spent doing school work.


FloridaMom said...

You learn something new about your children daily, even if they are thiry-something.

Watercolor Painting?????

T5M said...

Yeah, that might be fun...maybe something Wen and I can do on Thursdays so that we stay out of trouble! :-)