Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Picassa Experiment I

I'm playing around with Picassa today, so if you see a lot of weird posts from me, just be patient.

This is a collage from Lost River there a way to see the photos that are underneath? If not, what's the point? Posted by Picasa


T5M said...

Okay, help me out here - on my computer, this shows up as a little white box with a red "X" in it, I can only view the collage if I click on the "X".

Is that what you're getting?

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i get the collage when i see it...very cute!

~Seth & Nancy~ said... pictures aren't even posting today! so frustrating!!

barbarakuhn said...

Nancy had to help me get a picture to post in my comment section - so I'm impressed with anything you do.
Even ;-)

How 'bout {:~}} - that's an old lady with a double chin & wrinked brow.

T5M said... I see where Nancy gets her creativity from!

}-: Here's a guy with a mustache

:] This one's kinds of cute

..I'm having too much fun with this..