Saturday, August 26, 2006

Somethin' Fishy

The past couple of days I've been smelling something funky in Amelle's room. It's not an odor that hits you when you walk in, it's like a smell pocket..kind of like when your swimming and you hit a warm spot. The first time I caught a wiff of it I assumed it was Amaya passing gas, so I carried on. The second time I did a quick survey of the area for a dirty diaper, but saw nothing and went on with my business in hopes that it would go away (huh!). This morning I walked through the smell pocket again and after a more thorough survey of the area, I noticed this: Yes, the same pet rock that I had been so proud of just weeks ago had turned into a swamp of sea creature parts and spare toys. Remember this:
from last week? Well, it ended up being a companion for Mr. Rock. Not a good thing.

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FloridaMom said...

All I want to know is what happened next? Are her pets still part of the household? Did you have to clean out the fish bowl and start all over again? Where is the sea creature now?

T5M said...

..on the back porch getting rained out. I'm going to tackle it tomorrow once it's been diluted a bit.

...can't wait!