Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Support Local Small Businesses

The kids have been on a making money kick lately (thanks to Avery's friend Ryan, who is trying to save up to buy a gameboy). Ryan always has Avery on some kind of crazy kick. On one hand it's really funny and boyish, on the other hand, it creates lots of parenting challenges for Jermaine and I.

Last week they were scheming up the idea of having a lemonade stand. I crunched the numbers for them (Heathcliff Huxtable style) and showed them that the money they would make, would not be worth the hours of sitting out in the sun. We only have 10 neighbors and we live on a cul-de-sac, so they don't get any drive-by traffic. I advised them to try a dying concept: work for your money. Jermaine and I agreed to come up with chores that the boys could do in exchange for money.

Apparently this concept didn't fair well with the future entrepeneurs. Last week I found them perched behind a box in the front yard with Amelle's cash register and some rocks. A handwritten sign informed me that there was a rock sale going on. I tried to ignore it; what kind of cockamamie idea is a rock sale?! Who is their market? I surely didn't want to encourage stupidity, and wasn't about to buy a rock from my own yard so I quickly moved on. Fortunately the sale only lasted about 15 minutes.

The next day as they set up for their rock sale again I suggested that they sell something more appealing, like flowers. I recommended that they go into the field behind our house and cut some wildflowers. This was a selfish act on my part because I secretly wanted some of those flowers to supplement the sparce sunflower bouquet that was depressing my dining room. I was happy to buy the first bundle.

Once the neighbors came home from work, the sale was on. Our neighbors bought up the entire supply of flowers. Avery had even picked some wildflowers from the property next door and sold them back to the homeowner! (oops!) :-) Posted by Picasa


~Seth & Nancy~ said...

i guess they thought that other people wanted rock pets as well?
denise and i used to do the lemonade stand thing...worked out well the summer we had some guys building the addition on your house!
(ps- hopefully your neighbors aren't allergic to goldenrod like me!)

barbarakuhn said...

The "girls" made dough figures and potholders. Being the only kids on the block of empty nesters helped. Keep at the "Work for Cash" idea. At 14/15 yrs they cut grass for $15/yard and cleaned houses.
Do your work as unto the Lord....

FloridaMom said...

Wish I were there to buy some rocks. Not that I want to encourage a loosing business venture, but flowers die!