Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A week behind...

Not last weekend but the weekend before (sounds like the beginning of a handslapping game that I used to play as a young girl...), anyway...Wendy and I ventured out to York Animal Kingdom with all SIX, yes 6 children (9months - 9 yrs). The boys stayed home and did housework (the kind with hammers and nails).

Here are some photos:
Here the kids feed the ducks (for my readers who are visually impaired). Note to self: not all photos require captions.

Avery gets brave and feeds a reindeer - yes, it's real. In my humble opinion, the reindeer feeding was the best part of the day. I mean, when do you ever get to feed/pet a reindeer? I don't think I've ever even seen a real reindeer before. I think I actually might've thought that only Santa had reindeer - all others were just "deer". (I've told you before that I'm not bright).

Amelle, Avery, and Mina had a ball with these two fun mirrors while Wendy, Will, & Joelle waited in a crazy-long line for the restroom. They were having so much fun I decided to take a peek at myself. Unfortunately the mirror made me about 400 lbs and about 4' tall, minus my 3' long giraffe neck which ended with my unusually small head - not so fun...I resembled a I quickly retreated.

We had a nice time and the kids were great. I think we've finally arrived at a place where 2 adults can manage all the kids. I can remember when Amelle was a baby, Mina & Avery were in the 2s and Joelle was 4 - how did we ever make it through that year?


TheKeyRing said...

A real live raindeer? Erin, do you remember when we brought Rusty home and he had his ears posted -- Avery said "Look, Mommy, it's a baby raindeer." Although Rusty has grown to be almost the size of a raindeer, I'm glad you were able to see a real live one.

barbarakuhn said...

I Page, AZ (Zion Nt'l Park area)I saw a deer from our balcony. I woke George you came out(in his tidy whities)& told me it wasn't a deer-it was an ELK! I remember taking my 3 nephews (6 mos-3yrs)& my girls 3&5 to the zoo by myself- We did take a trip to the ER - long story.... I'm wiser now, well, maybe?
Nanny Babs

T5M said...

Yup - I remember that - too funny! Maybe Rusty can make some dough on the side this Christmas working for Santa! ;-)

You should dress them up in some antlers - how cute would that be?

T5M said...

Nanny Babs - YIKES - 5 under 5 to the zoo and the ER (what's the difference between those two places anyway?) ...that's madness - I guess they don't call you "Grandma Wyld" for nothin'! :-)