Friday, August 11, 2006

While The Cat's Away... I'm feeling a bit liberated. As of today, my family (the ones on the "left"...oh, did I insert the wrong photo?) are all unable to access the internet for an entire week. The Caseys have ventured to the White Mountains and my mom is cruising the Mediterranean. That means they can't check my blogs, which means I can basically say anything I want.

So, I've always hesitated to tell this story, but now I'll spill it. My brother was really adopted. Yes, it's true. I don't think he knows about it, but I found some documents while I was rifling through my parents important papers one time. He was born in a South American jungle, the offspring of a Tarzan-type fellow and a very feminine gorilla. My loving parents were honeymooning in the rainforest when they stumbled upon my infant brother wrapped in a large banana leaf. My parents searched the jungle for days to find his biological parents, but there was a war raging between the civilians and the Tarzan/ape people and they were an unfortunate casualty in the fight for equal rights to the beachfront. I digress. So my parents brought the infant home with them. They actually put him in their luggage in order to get through customs, really, they did. They named him Shaun and hoped to give him a normal life. He grew up and married Elvis' lovechild, Wendy. Together they raise 3 children, two beautiful, normal girls and a wildly handsome little boy that is 1/4 ape and 1/4 Elvis.

Don't tell anyone I told you, it's been a Casey family secret for years.


barbarakuhn said...

I think my parents got my sister from the same place. There's absolutely no way we came from the same "seeds". I'm not getting the photo, I'm a bit slow.

MaineMomKC5 said...

I decided to come down to the pool area (where I paid $3 to access the internet for a 1/2 hour) and see that that you decided to spill the beans on the family secrets.

Perhaps I should tell everyone how you are actually the love child of Captain and Tenille (yes, of the "Muskrat Love" fame). It's true people.

T5M said...

As Avery would say (and now Mina), "Oh Snap!"

FloridaMom said...

Erin, when did you find out about Shaun?

I'm back in town so beware of further comments regarding our little ape. He is very self-conscious about his origin.