Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Zams

Yesterday we went over Heather's house - she has a three year old girl and 1 1/2 year old twin boys! What a handful! Actually - they boys are more than a handful (they're big - as in wearing a size 4T). Heather describes herself as "in a constant sweat" (which may explain why she is so tiny). When I spoke to her over the phone yesterday she informed me that the boys had knocked over her grandfather clock, broken 3 out of 4 of her kitchen chairs, they reguarly climb her built in bookcases, they opened and emptied the refrigerator (until she installed a lock on it), they open and pull the racks out of the oven, and then get inside (they've pulled off two of the locks that she's installed), they ripped her sofa to shreds, and Graham enjoys smearing poop all over himself and his brother, should he go #2 while in his crib. I guess that would be the definition of "hands full".

When we arrived yesterday, though, everything was under control. Heather was composed and seemed to rescue one boy from impending danger, and then the other, while attending to Madeline's needs - all with an amazing amount of finesse. It was like a scene from the matrix, where she moved so fast and flawlessly that she actually looked like three people. Wendy and I sat back in amazement.

All that, and she insists that "it's getting easier".

Avery puts a football under Graham's shirt to give him a "big belly" - which Graham seemed to enjoy immensely. Camden wonders why, since Graham doesn't seem to need help in that area.

Nothin' like a good old fashioned game of tag!

Otis gets in on the fun. This photo depicts the emotion where fun and scared meet.

Amaya discovers that climbing up slides is fun.


barbarakuhn said...

I think I want to move to Maine and be a Mother's helper. I want to be with all these kids.

Stuck behind a desk in South Jersey

Nanny Babs

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

love the picture of amelle and will with the dog...too cute! i'm pretty sure i've seen that expression on amelle's face in the past :-)

FloridaMom said...

Wow! Seems like just yesterday that you and Heather were in your senior year of high school, sitting in my kitchen and talking about virginity.

What happened to that!

MaineMomKC5 said...


Here I say nothing.

T5M said...

Yes memory serves, that was after you let us have a beer! I believe we were playing "quarters", albeit a short game since we had a 1 beer limit.

I'm reporting you!