Sunday, September 03, 2006

Greetings from Philly

This weekend we were blessed by a visit from our friends Pastor Richard and his wife Ellen. When we moved away Richard and Ellen told us that they'd come visit us on Labor day weekend. True to their word, they rang our doorbell on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

It's so great to spend time with friends from "home". Kind of takes the entertaining out of entertaining...people who are just happy to be around you and who you're happy to be around without having to do anything special. Of course we took them to our spot (ever seen this lighthouse before?!)

Richard, Ellen, Jermaine & Amaya get close to the water while Avery and Amelle busy themselves on the rocks.

Lunch by the sea.

Richard takes Avery's ATV for a spin. I don't think he enjoyed that much - do you!! :-) ..he also took Jermaine's John Deere for a spin - more like a two hour tour of the entire yard. He then tried to convince me that mowing the lawn with the JD is a workout because it doesn't have much in the way of shocks or power steering. ...I don't know if I'm buying that - It's no push mower, and if it were that much of a workout, I doubt my husband would look forward to it so much!

Here's an "Amelle-ism" from this weekend: Amelle sat next to Ellen at church. The communion crackers came around and Amelle said, "Are you going to eat that?", Ellen replied, "Yes". Then Amelle said, "I know your going to drink something too", and Ellen said, "Yes I am". Then silence. "Your going to have to put more lipstick on".

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barbarakuhn said...

My nephew lives near the coast in Oregon, I saw pics this weekend, the ocean looks similar - How much snow do you get in Maine? Should the lighthouse look familiar? Is it used in Kincad's artwork on my calendar? I know there's an old hymn about a lighthouse.

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that picture of pastor richard is a classic!!

Kristy & John said...

It looks as cold there as it was in Wildwood this past weekend! Where did the summer go?