Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Mouse Charmer

There are some things in life that you don't want to do, but you bite the bullet and do them anyway. Laundry, spring cleaning, going to a lame wildlife sanctuary with your best friend...etc.

Wendy has this crazy bleeding heart for animals. Not just regular animals like dogs, cats, elephants, cows...she likes the lowly ones like mice, turtles, frogs, etc. It's borderline insane, if you ask me. I once saw her beep at a cat as we drove by - she said it was to warn it - so that it wouldn't run into the street, but I think she was just saying "hi" to it. I think she's like the Jane Goodall of creepy little pests and rodents.

So it goes without saying that she's in with the local wildlife santuary, which actually only takes in varmits. (I'm laughing right now - is "varmit" a word?!) She's "rescued" several of these creatures and brings them over to this sanctuary (birds that have fallen out of their nests, turtles, last week it was some baby mice that they found in their yard, etc).

Today this place had an open house, and I REALLY didn't want to go, but figured that Wendy would appreciate it if I did, and the kids might have fun. So we go to this rickety little place and there are a million people there. Real Mainers - the granola ones. These people came out of the woodworks to look at birds and mice and frogs - I really didn't get the fascination. These aren't exotic creatures - they're the kind you find in your backyard. If the lawnmower should strike one down, no real loss.

The only thing I had in common with these people was that no one wore make-up. Not only did I not like these creatures, but I have personally ordered the execution of dozens of them. Those very creatures that they had built a refuge for, I have plotted and schemed against. I had Jerms fill our house with mouse traps last year and had ordered him to kill any snake on our property. The death toll is definitely in the double digits. I was uneasy, knowing that if these people knew my dark past, I would've been thrown in a cage and feed to the mice.

Here my dear friend and our five children wait in line to see something. They didn't know what was in this house, but they figured that if there was a line, it must be good.

Here is the most interesting thing I saw all day. The back of this man's shirt was repulsive to me. Why would anyone wear that? (if you can't read it, it say's "tough sh*t" and has a picture of a dog straining to make a poop)

Apparently the same crowd that fancies small rodents and birds also likes multi-ethnic children. People were lovin' my kids up today. Men and women alike - making goo goo faces at Amaya as they passed by. See this lady, showing the kids how to make rope from raffia - notice how she's all into's reverse racism up here.

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MaineMomKC5 said...

You going to a wildlife center is similar to me going to church!

If they only knew our past....

(cue in devilish music here)

P.S. Folks, don't let Erin's harsh exterior fool you. Yesterday, while out shopping sans children, she told a black cat to run the other way b/c he was heading towards a chinese restaurant!!!

T5M said...

...that's a true story!!

Shopping was perfect yesterday - I'm so glad we broke out for a couple hours!

barbarakuhn said...

Vermin - small animals or insects that harm people, livestock, property, or crops and are difficult to control i.e. rats, weasels, fleas, or cockroaches OR an offensive term for a person or group considered to be extremely unpleasant or undesirable.
Is that Winchester on that T-shirt? I hope not!
Ready to set my traps for the SJ country mice!

MaineMomKC5 said...

Let's just get this straight people...I do NOT rescue cockroaches, spiders or things that harm people. My dog decided to "play" with a morning dove and hurt it - I took it to the wildlife sanctuary (it lived); I brought a baby squirrel that fell out of it's nest to the wildlife sanctuary (it died); and lastly, when my husband accidently disturbed a nest of baby mice (the mom decided to have them in his tool bag that was outside) I also took them to the wildlife sanctuary (one died, two lived).

I am a sucker for anything hurt - let it be mentoring a second grader or an animal in distress. However, I loathe spiders and anything with multiple legs (save an octopus - we don't really have an octopus problem here in Maine).

I've learned throughout the years that the Caseys are not animal people! Case in point - my neice and nephew have PET ROCKS!

T5M said...
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T5M said... so does your son

(evil cackle)