Thursday, September 07, 2006

Observations from the field

I've always said that the blog is a painful gauge of my life - obviously I've been busy lately with my new gig. However, not too busy to make a few observations.

Portland is crazy - I think it's like Seattle. No, I've never been to Seattle, but it's what I envision Seattle to be like. The people are kind of grungy and earthy looking, they seem to love things that are "organic", and they ride their bikes to work in order to preserve our natural resources.

In Portland, businessmen wear baseball caps with their suits, women don't wear stockings (even with business suits on), and streetpeople wear fur coats and talk on cell phones. In Portland, pedestrians are free to dart out in front of traffic because as long as your in a crosswalk, no one will run you over.

Lately I've seen more "street people" than I am accostomed to seeing. Some thoughts: 1) If I were going to be homeless, Portland, Maine would be one of the last places that I'd live. Sure the summers are nice, but let's face it, the other 50 weeks of the year are COLD, and the winters are down right brutal. If I were going to be homeless, I'd definitely start walking South and I wouldn't stop until I arrived someplace that was warm in January. 2) How come homeless people always seem to be smoking? How can they be so broke that they can't afford basic shelter, but they can spend $5 a day on cigarettes? I don't understand this?


FloridaMom said...

So, why do homeless people live in the Northern cities?

I have seen one or two homeless people in Florida. Maybe it is less likely in the North to sleep on a park bench and not get eaten by a alligator or one of the extra-large snakes (their name escapes at the moment)!

T5M said...

It perplexes me. We had a homeless couple come in our office building a few days ago. The woman, who was pregnant wanted to use our bathroom (to smoke in!). It's crazy - these people spend all day and night outside, and the five minutes they get to come inside and use a nice bathroom, they light up a cigarette! ...not to mention the fact that she was pregnant. Where do they get the money to buy cigarettes?! That money probably would've been better spent on condoms.

TheKeyRing said...

I've also always thought that if I were going to be homeless I'd go somewhere where they didn't have to issue a "code blue" in the winter time. I'd probably walk south and/or west -- Southern California would probably be okay for homelessness.

MaineMomKC5 said...

If I were homeless I'd move to Aruba!

T5M said...

How would you get there? Swim?

MaineMomKC5 said...

Dear T5M,

Revert back to Question #2. I'd bum $$ for cigarettes until I had enough $$ for an airline ticket to Aruba.


T5M said...

You're so smart - with brains like that, you'll never end up homeless.