Friday, October 20, 2006

Bye AZ

So this has been my neighborhood for the last three days - Im in Arizona, at the airport ready for my return home. I can't wait to see my family!!! When I spoke to Avery today I told him that I was flying home tonight and would see him in the morning. He said, "That's dangerous". So I asked him why, he said, "Cause you'll be tired" - I informed him that I wasn't going to be flying the plane, and my plan was to sleep. He said, "I know, but the pilot could get tired". Then I actually started to get concerned, yeah, what if the pilot gets tired?!

I can't wait to be home.


Rich and Trish Duggan said...

where were you in AZ? my in-laws live in tucson.

T5M said...

Scottsdale - it was lovely. Definitely a different kind of pretty though.