Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I’m not Desensitized.

I don’t really watch television (except for my three guilty pleasures that are Tivo’d each week: The Office, My Name is Earl, & Family Guy). These shows amount to about 1 hour of tv viewing per week (30 minute shows are only 20 minutes when you watch them w/o commercials). We have one TV in our house and it’s in our bedroom. I recently read that many American homes have more television sets in their homes than people! That’s just madness.

I don’t watch movies, nothing against them – but I am sort of crunched for time and it’s just not on my priority list. Once and a while I’ll watch one of the kids’ movies with them, but as far as “adult movies” – I think the last one I saw was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and I think I may’ve been pregnant with Amelle at the time (she’s 5 now). There may’ve been a rental or two since then, but nothing scary or violent. I have never even seen a horror movie, ever.

I don’t read or watch the news, so I know very little about what’s happening in the world. I do read the Bible, so I know what has happened and what’s going to happen – I kind of try to stay oblivious to the details in between.

Anyway, in light of recent news events that I have read up on, I’ve realized that I am not desensitized, and this has me at a disadvantage. I can’t “handle” the news. I am deeply disturbed and upset by it and I can’t let it go. I live in a world of blissful ignorance, and when the news of the world leaks in, I don’t know how to process it.

Ironically I'm married to a news junky – Jerms reads everything: The News of the Weird, The Onion, CNN, ESPN, NBC, ect… Occasionally he’ll feed me the latest, “oh, they found those missing kids dead” – me: “what missing kids?”, then he’ll tell me the latest story and I get sick to my stomach over it.

I can’t handle it. I should’ve been born to a tribe of aboriginals somewhere far away from media.


Rich and Trish Duggan said...

i agree. the news is really disturbing. although i also had a strange need to hear more about the amish school thing. i had the news on in the afternoon, but every time one of the kids asked me a homework question, i had to turn it off--too many details on there. marisa (my oldest) is so curious about what's going on, but is scared of her own shadow. i try to keep her as far away as possible.

Kristy & John said...

Can't forget Napolean Dynamite!

T5M said...

Yes, I did see Napolean Dynamite over Shaun & Wendys - I think that might be considered a "kid movie" though. Not sure!

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