Monday, October 30, 2006

The shortest kickball game ever

The Saturday before last was one of those perfect fall days. We had a several kids playing at the house, so I decided to persuade them to organize a good old fashioned game of kickball. Oh how I loved our neighborhood kickball games as a child!

I went to the store and bought a brand new ball and I sent the kids into the backyard with bases. A few minutes later I thought that I would be cute and bring them some juice boxes for when they got thirsty. I hopped on Avery's ATV with Amaya on my lap and 6 juiceboxes strapped on the back (mother of the year nominee) and no sooner did I start the engine, did I see six disgruntled children making their way into the front yard. The game was over before it had even started. The children couldn't get along long enough to organize the darn game.

What has happened to kids now-a-days? We weren't like that when we were young. I don't understand.


barbarakuhn said...

Arguing(debate)is why you have "street" games. It's how leadership, teamwork etc. are learned. O.K. a grandmother is asking - Did Amaya have a helmet on? What if you hit a bump?

P.S. Thanks for the baby clothes - they'll be a big help.

Rich and Trish Duggan said...

i agree! i sound like a broken record sometimes around here. i tell my kids to go play outside..make things up. i tell them that we weren't allowed in the house during the day!! we HAD to go play outside with our friends. times have changed. now they fight with their friends and expect me to fix it all.

Kristy & John said...

Okay Britney Spears!