Monday, December 04, 2006

Houston, We Have Snow!

It's snowing in Maine! Whooowhooo! Shaun called this morning at 7:30am to inform us that it was snowing in Boston and that the snowmobile prices just went up. Long story short, the boys spent the weekend obsessing over snowmobiles. One local dealer has a special that if you buy a snowmobile this week and it snows 6" on Christmas then they'll give you that snowmobile for free. Needless to say the boys are intrigued.

On a similar, but unrelated note, here are pictures from last week when we went to cut down our Christmas trees. If the Christmas tree farm looks like its missing something, it is ... SNOW!!!

Our kids prove though, that you don't need snow to sled and have fun!

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FloridaMom said...

Bet the boys will have their new toys this weekend.

I think someone hit the MEGABUCKS and neglected to tell me!

barbarakuhn said...

We have Christmas tree farms in So. Jersey. They look a bit weird on flat land. I think trees need mountains or is it mountains need trees? How do trees clap their hands? See Isaiah 55:12

Anonymous said...

looks like fun, erin! you'll have to post a picture of it all have replenished your ornaments right?
seth was in chicago most of last week and almost got stuck there...i guess it's a good thing we changed our plans to come up! hopefully sometime in the next couple of months! are you guys staying put for christmas?

T5M said...

I think I may have been a little overzealous about the snow - it was sort of a dud in Maine - it didn't even stick!

Jermaine is totally obsessed with the snowmobile thing. Shaun got his and now it's "on"!
No megabucks winners that we know of - funny thing, I bought a ticket a few weeks ago after having a dream about buying a ticket and I never checked to see if I won - so who knows - maybe we did win the megabucks.
Nance - you guys should coordinate a January visit with Jim & Julie - we miss you guys!!