Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our Mom Has Lost It!

I'm sure that if the kids could blog, that is what they'd tell you! Here is proof...
Christmas cards suck. I know that's the wrong attitude, but every year there is a tremendous amount of pressure to get Christmas cards out to friends and family. This year, with us living far from many of our friends and family, the pressure seems to be double! I took about 50 pictures of the kids (who I had to bribe to "dress up") and not one of them came out "Christmas card worthy". We had a little fun with the wreaths after I had gone insane. Posted by Picasa


FloridaMom said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that you have "way too much time on your hands".

Amaya couldn't possibly have a smile on her face with that picky wreath around her on her bare skin.

I can tell Avery is trying to give you his best smile because he wants out of there.

Now, Amelle could probably stay and pose a little while longer.

My suggestion for next year:

Get Amelle all dressed up WITH THE MAKE-UP OF COURSE and have her represent the entire Moore family Christmas photo!

Rich and Trish Duggan said...

the outtakes are the best! use that one. everyone needs a laugh this time of year. (this from someone who keeps saying, "we need to do a family picture for the christmas card." we still haven't.)

Anonymous said...

i guess your stampin' stuff hasn't made it out of the boxes since you moved, huh?!
i agree with trish...the "outtakes" are definitely the best! maybe some kind of collage? we need a picture of you guys for our frig!!

MaineMomKC5 said...

I, too, am down with your struggle. I'm toying with just doing three funny shots of each individual child. Of course with Will pretty much each picture is funny.

I feel your pain, and I almost decided to skip the card thing this year (but changed my mind).

The Gawel's said...

I always feel pressure to make sure I get them out by a certain date. I have found this year to take the picture I want to CVS and have them make the cards. The name is already printed on the bottom and everything. I did hand make yours, thanks to Nancy and the card swap on Sun.(hopefully she was not planning on sending the same one).The picture is the one I used for the other "store-made" cards.

The Gawel's said...

P.S. I got 3 out of the 4 to pay attention. The little guy wanted noyhing to do with the whole picture thing.

Next year I am going to do an

Not so much pressure in trying to get the perfect shot!

Kristy & John said...

I took the easy way out too - picture cards! I had the wedding excuse though! Won't be able to do it again until I have kids!

Anonymous said...

my mom and I just had a photo shoot with Rachel the other day, there was about a 10 minute window in between her feeding and when she got tired that we were able to dress her up in her cute Christmas outfit that my mom got her and take some pictures. Our Christmas cards will definitely be late this year!