Saturday, December 16, 2006


Since many of you think that the out-takes would've made better Christmas cards than the cutest of 50ish shots, here I am to prove you wrong:

This was me testing the camera:

Amaya's first smile of the night (I had to act like a cross between a chimpanzee and a tribe of excited Indians in order to acheive this smile). The others weren't so impressed.

Dad comes on the scene to get Amaya to smile; it worked, look how they're smiling at HIM (and not me - or the camera...except for Amelle, who looks like she's plugging her ears to tune out whatever her dad is doing to make the others smile.)

Finally, and perhaps worst of all - Amelle oversmiles to the point where it looks like she might be at the beginning stages of a transformation into some sort of angry creature. In looking at this picture, I feel fortunate that she didn't burst a blood vessel with that smile. Avery looks stunning. Amaya looks drunk.
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FloridaMom said...

Loved them all! Amelle looks so much like you in the last picture!

Kristy & John said...

So did you end up picking one or just scratching it? I think you should totally go with the wreath pic!

MaineMomKC5 said...

I agree with that crazy Floridamom!! That last picture of Amelle looks like you when you laugh at my jokes!!

Anonymous said...

you guys can't be more right about the last picture of amelle...totally looks like erin when she's cracking up at something!!! i'm sure that one will come in handy for blackmail when she gets older :-)

Rich and Trish Duggan said...

oh, now i think most of those were worth using!! of couse, we did ours yesterday and took like ten and didn't really end up w/much. maybe i'll post the bad ones. we did the whole family, though. not sure i want the blog world to see those! thanks for sharing the outtakes.

T5M said...

I'm glad that you all agree that the shot of my daughter "transforming into a creature" looks JUST LIKE ME!!!

...perhaps I am the creature that she was morphing into?


T5M said...

...Oh, to respond:

1) Yes I did select one, but you'll have to wait for it to arrive in your mailbox to see it. (I obviously got them out late!)

2) Wen, your jokes are very funny.

Anonymous said...

your cards weren't late! we got our's long as you get them before new year's i think your fine :-)