Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"I Googled You"

I'm not sure when "google" became an actual English verb, but have you ever tried googling your name to see what comes up? I have.

Recently a co-worker of mine had a candidate come in to interview for a recruiter position at our company. The first thing out of his mouth was, "How does your daughter like Michigan State?" Of course my co-worker was taken back ..not to mention a bit freaked out (How the heck does this guy know about my daughter?) ...After looking at the guy with a concerned look on his face, the candidate divuldged, "I googled you" - I read about it in your dad's obituary. Needless to say, he didn't get the job.

So my curiosity peaked, I began googling myself, family members, neighbors, anyone who's name popped in my head. I found that there are many, many Erin Moores, some even less savory than me. (I was googling images only - not recommended for minors or adults with weak stomachs - google images is pot luck - you never know what your going to get).

Sifting through several pages of Erin Moore's without finding myself I moved on to other members of the family. The only ones that came up were Amelle and Amaya - and they were linked to our old family website (which is no longer in existance, thanks to the blog).

Go ahead, google yourself - see what you come up with! (Oh yeah, the picture, yes, that's me, "Erin Moore")

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fire & Ice

One of the nice things about living in a small town is their little small town activities. This past weekend, we attended a winter carnival - there was a great bon fire, hot cocoa (so we heard), a sledding hill, and a ice skating rink, which provided an opportunity for the kids to try ice skating for the first time.

Then we went back again the next day for more practice!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shout Out!

Hi Grandpop!
Avery, Amelle, & Amaya

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Observations From The Field

I wanna go back to the 60s …or at least double-digit temperatures. Yesterday it was zero degrees here in Maine….and still no good snow storms! Ahhhhgg! If “mother nature” isn’t going to bring the snow, then take me back to the 60 degree days – when I could walk outside without frowning (and without my nose-hairs sticking together).

Last night Avery and I were having a nice chat and somehow the “crocodile hunter” came up. Avery stated “He died”.
“Yup” I agreed.
“It’s too bad, ‘cause he probably had a couple good years left”
I nodded in agreement.
“He was only like in his 40s or 50s”.
“Yeah” I said, “But the Lord takes us on whatever day He decides. The Bible tells us that all of our days were written in His book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).
“I wish grandpa could sneak a look in God’s book and somehow tell me how many days I have.”

Whose idea was it to pay someone to stand on street corners and hold up “clearance sale” and/or “going out of business sale” signs? I have contempt in my heart for the people who perform this task and for the people who pay them to do it. This has got to be the most humiliating job ever. Those people might as well be holding up a sign that points to themselves and says “Loser”. I can’t even tell you what store is being advertised because I am too busy pointing these folks out to my kids and reminding them how important it is to do well in school so they don’t end up like that. A few weeks ago I actually observed the sign-holder sitting on the hood of his car, which was parked nearby. He had leaned the sign on a tree near the road and then decided to sit on his car and watch the sign, instead of holding it. It was wrong on so many levels that my feelings were actually confused.

Hmmm…I think I had a few more things to offload, but the brain doesn’t work as well as it used to…I’m stumped – I’ll add them later if they come circling around again.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stop The Plane!

So tonight I experienced something unusual and I’m on a plane and unable to tell anyone about it (I’m typing in Word to blog later). I need to get it out.

So I’m on my way home from Texas; I had a layover in Ohio. The plane was delayed an hour and fifteen minutes (that’s not the unusual part). We finally get on the plane and are accelerating down the runway for take-off. My eyes close as I prepare to participate in my favorite flight activity: sleep, when I am awoken by someone shouting “Stop the plane!” followed by a “We need help” , “Help”. My eyes open, my first thought: “is there a terrorist onboard?” Then I notice that in the row in front of me there is a man falling into the aisle, I catch a glimpse, his eyes are open, non-responsive, he’s staring into space. I quickly put my head down, I can’t be involved in this. I’m thinking he’s having a heart attack and dying, the plane is still moving forward, but I don’t think we’re off the ground yet, but I’m not 100% sure. The man is now laying in the aisle next to me, I am thinking that I’m going to have to spend the next 2 hours next to a dead guy and the thought is too much for me to take, I pray. My head is bowed, I am pleading with the Lord to rescue this man. The loud speaker calls for a doctor, nurse, EMT, any medical professional – no one comes to aid. People are trying to make due with whatever information they have, “raise his head” someone says, “elevate his feet”. He’s starting to come to….”give him water” “no, don’t give him water” I hear. The plane is still moving, but we haven’t left the ground.

This was such a weird experience. For me, it proved what I had suspected; I cannot be counted on in times of medical emergency. I couldn’t even look at this guy and the one visual I did get of him collapsing with his eyes wide open won’t leave my mind, even though I’ve been trying to erase it for the last 45 minutes since the event took place. I was more than happy to be eyes closed, head bent and talking to my heavenly father.

So the passenger ended up getting off the plane and going in an ambulance. I think he just passed out, I don’t know how or why. I’m rambling now, but I just had another thought: maybe I am good to have around in times of crisis, I mean, the only medical professional onboard was the greatest Healer of all – and He was there because I was asking Him to be. So maybe I couldn’t fetch a pillow or elevate legs, but I prayed, and I am continuing to pray for this man, Jason.

Weird post, I know.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

"I just can't quit you"

I must admit that I was a little concerned when I heard that Shaun and Jerms were headed to Bosebuck Mountain for a snowmobile adventure. The name implied that it was the northern Maine version of "Brokeback Mountain". I had visions of my husband surrounded by burly mountain men in flannel shirts with the arms ripped off and tight jeans, "Oh you poor poor thing, did your snowmobile run out of gas"... [the banjo music from Deliverance plays], "Why don't you and your friend come into our cabin and we'll keep you nice and warm until help arrives"...

However, Jermaine's first experience (on a snowmobile) was actually great - they had a fun time (dispite the YMCA song playing over the loudspeaker of the lodge).

I was a bit peeved when I learned that on his maiden voyage, my dear husband went 95 mph on a lake (which was probably not fully frozen). I never would've approved the snowmobile purchase had I known that snowmobiles were now basically winter motorcycles. When I grew up, our snowmobile was used for recreational riding, I drove it around myself at age 10, back and forth to the skating pond.

Today they headed out again, this time with Avery. This snowmobile thing is definitely beginning to be a habit.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good God!

I knew that I was going to fail the SPHR exam today. I had no right to take that test, I didn't take the prep class, the assessment exam, or begin to study until less than 24 hours before the test. I didn't want to take the recommended assessment exam because I was so sure that I was going to fail the test (which would mean that my company wouldn't reimburse me for the $375 exam fee), that I didn't want to lose an additional $75 by taking the assessment. Seth was kind enough to lend me his study material (though I think it was missing a book or two). I began my intense studying this morning, and cracked open the 4th book of 5 that he lent me (the 5th never did get opened) in the parking lot of the testing center. While the woman was checking my ID, I was still reading, trying to get a few last minute pieces of information stuffed into my brain.

As I read through the 225 questions I remember thinking that I would have more respect for people with the SPHR designation at the end of their names because the test was obviously too difficult for me to pass (even with multiple degrees in HR). I felt sure that I had positively gotten 3 or 4 (of the 225) correct, the remaining 221 were in shoulder shruggs. I remember reading questions and not knowing what the heck they were talking about - retirement benefits - huh?!

The test was slated for 4 hours, but the Lord put me out of my misery early. 2 1/2 hours later the test was over. I even did the little voluntary survey at the end, in hopes that it would somehow reflect favorably on me during the scoring process.

The exam processed my score....I prayed.....then I read those four little letters...PASS.

Holy crap! I had to hold back the tears - Pass. Yup, it really said it. I was in disbelief. The next word was "Congratulations" which confirmed for me that I really was reading good news. God is so gracious to me. My God is an awesome God (and an amazing test taker). So I'm wondering now if the bible needs to read, "Jesus Christ, SPHR" cause what happened today in Portsmouth NH was divine intervention. There is no question about it.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I thought it might be funny to mention that I have been banished from attending Avery's basketball games (no, I didn't get thrown out). Avery has banished me. He said, "Um...when you yell, 'Good job Avery', it's kind of embarrassing".

I promised that I would keep my mouth shut at future games and he said that he would think about reinstating my game-attending rights.

I've got some bad news for Avery though, when his two grandmothers come visit next month, he's not going to know what to do. One grandmother is an over-the-top sports fan (yes, my mother has season tickets to watch the Sox in spring training - her prized possession is a photo of her with the '04 World Series trophy). The other grandmother is an over-the-top Avery fan (she cheered for Avery AND JERMAINE during swim lessons! 1 year old swim lessons!! To this day, she refuses to admit that Avery was cholicky - "he was a good baby"! Huh!).

When it comes to supporting their grandkids, these two grandmoms are a force to be reconed with. These are the same two ladies who cheered for Avery, jumping up and down, holding onto one another in the hospital waiting room when they realized he had made it out of my womb. I can hear it now "Good Job Avery, Way to Go!!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mark 8:36

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul – Mark 8:36

This verse has been popping into my head for the last few days. Concerning. When a verse like this starts playing in your head like a broken record, it might be worth paying attention to. So God, you’ve got my attention.

This is pretty personal, talking about sin and stuff, but what the heck, we’re all family…sort of. If it makes you uncomfortable to read my dark thoughts, you can tune this post out. I’m just being real.

I have been consumed with the world lately and not with my Lord. I hate that, I've been praying to focus more on the Lord, but the world keeps distracting me. (If you are the praying type, please keep Jermaine and I in your prayers about this.) At Christmas time I was actually starting to get sick every time I spent money. I overspent (like most Americans, come on people, I know I’m not alone here). I knew it was wrong, but that didn’t stop me, nor did the temporary nausea I felt as I swiped my bank card at the check out. Three weeks after Christmas the kids still have toys that they haven’t opened, and would probably never think about again if I didn't dust them off six months from now on a rainy day. They have ipods they don’t know how to use, they have dressers stuffed with clothes, many with tags still on them (I mean, really, they wear uniforms to school every day, do they really need 25 sets of "weekend clothes"?), I’m getting that feeling again as I type this. What have I done? Why have I done it?

I was so proud that the kids didn’t ask for anything particular for Christmas, why didn’t I just go with that and get them a few simple gifts – why overspend? For that 20 minutes of Christmas morning madness? Was it worth it? No. But I will struggle with doing the same thing next year, I already know it.

What’s worse is that long term impact. What are we teaching them by giving them so much? I’m not talking about the stuff they need, it’s the excess. The excess is the real problem.

So back to the verse. The money I spent on giving the kids stuff that they don’t need would’ve been better allocated to charitable giving. It would’ve felt a lot better too. I’ve never gotten nausea from dropping a check in the collection plate at church.

Speaking of church, our attendance has been inconsistent lately, which we’ve all too readily rationalized that it’s because we haven’t found a church that we really like yet (again, prayers appreciated here too).

So the verse plays again and asks, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in return? I don’t want to be that fool. I don't know and I don’t want to find out.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Next on ESPN...Avery Moore

Yesterday Avery started in our local basketball league. Avery did really well and was definitely the most passionate player on the court. Jermaine and I were so proud of him. He ran for every ball, jumped for every rebound, and was just so passionate about every drill. At the beginning of the practice the coach asked the kids to do a few laps around the gym. Avery was so excited, he ran at full speed - so fast that he actually ended up circling around the court, running a full lap in front of the rest of the team.

We were very proud that Avery scored the first basket of the game. He actually ended up scoring 2 out of the 3 baskets on his team (it was a short, 30 minute game). He was also responsible for some key plays; he had 2 steals, which he called "interceptions". Today we went out and bought some new basketball sneakers which we now call "the secret weapons". We plan to unleash them next week. If you haven't guessed, we're not into the "everybody wins/let's not keep score" mentality. We're taking no prisoners! NO PRISONERS!

Also noteworthy...Avery had the largest cheering section! week we plan to show up with our faces painted orange - Jermaine's going to paint a number "7" on his belly. I'm going to get a sign "# 7 is my son" - like Allen Iverson's mother did at the sixers games.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

You Said It Would Be Cold

But it isn't.

When we announced that we were moving to Maine we received one of two comments:
1. "It's cold up there" (or some variation of: "you must like the cold", "you must like snow", "I hope you like the cold"), or..
2. "It's beautiful up there" (typically from people who had actually been to Maine)

Of the two responses, we overwhelming heard about how cold we were going to be. People would carry on about the snow and the shoveling and the heating costs; it was actually annoying. Well I'm here today to announce that it's not cold up here. In fact it's warm. Today, January 6th - 72 degrees in Maine (according to my car). Short-sleeve weather, windows up in the house and down in the car weather.

WARM. JANUARY. MAINE. Yes, it's true.

So I had to post these pictures from last Sunday. Last week when we went to Philly for ONE DAY, we missed the ONE DAY of snow in Maine. When we arrived back home, Amelle was elated to see the lawn sprinkled with snow; so much that she immediately donned her snowpants and started "sledding". She was so happy to be sledding, she didn't realize that she was covered in mud...

(she has no idea that she is muddy)

...not much see where this is headed...

....that's Amelle in the far top left corner...notice the amount of snow that she was sledding on...

Where art thou winter?

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Time for Reflection

So it’s the first day of the new year. I’m reflecting. I know, I’m supposed to reflect at the end of the previous year, but like with everything else, I’m late. For kicks I scrolled back to my Dec ’05 blog and realized that what I had been suspecting all along was true – my blog sucks. I used to write very thoughtful posts. I used to take pride in writing something worth reading; now I just toss up 3-4 pictures, write a quick caption and hope that three days later I’ll have more time to actually write something decent. Three days later I post a few more pictures and write about whatever had been going on with our family that week (which usually isn’t all that exciting...or even decent, in some cases).

So I don't know what went wrong? I do know that time isn’t really on my side these days. I think I’m almost at the point that I can admit that I’m one of those people who never has time for anything and is always rushing around last minute. I don’t know how that happened because I’m not really “wired” that way. I’m more of a planner by nature. I’ve always been one of those people who arrived places early and then waited in the car so that they didn’t go in “too early”. Now I’m always late and running around wondering what deadline I missed. What happened to me? Darn Jermaine – it’s all his fault – somehow after 10 years together I must’ve merged onto his schedule! I’m kidding, I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, I’m veering off track, time to bring it back to my point – where was I – oh yeah, my sucky blog. So my new years resolution is going to be to try to make at least one decent blog entry a week. …okay, maybe a month. The pressure of trying to come up with something provocative once a week is far more than I can handle.

Here are some of my other resolutions (in no real order):
1) Family eat healthier
2) Put Jesus first (hmm, should I have listed that first?)
3) Spend more QT with the kids
4) Schedule one meeting-less day at work per week (huh! – I can dream!)
5) 1 decent blog per month

The funny thing is that I never make new years resolutions; I've never really believed in doing that. I've long thought it to be a waste of my time to sit and think up all sorts of things that I wanted to do better for the first two weeks of January and then not think about again. In my mind, New Years resolutions only make you feel like a failure. I mean, if I wanted to make some major change, especially for my own self-enhancement, I generally wouldn't hold off until the next January 1st, I'd just do it when I thought of it. This year I’m not only making resolutions, but I’m putting them on the internet, oh boy!

Okay, you've heard mine, now what are some of your resolutions?

The Whirlwind Tour

On Friday Jermaine and I packed up Amaya and headed South on 95 to PA to retrieve our 2 eldest children, who had gone home with their grandmom on Wednesday. We arrived late Friday night.

With the knowledge that we were going to be headed home early on Sunday morning, we knew we only had 1 day in which to visit friends and stuff. Let's just say that we made the most of it.

9:30am - Erin & Kristy go to IKEA (Erin sets world record by only spending $9!! ...see Jermaine, your budget talk really did work)
11:30am - Jer & Kids go to grandparent's house
12:30pm - Erin Spa
2:30pm - Jer to John's house
5:00pm - All of us to Pastor Richard's house for dinner
9:00pm - Ortiebs Jazz Haus with Jeff & Dawn

Now that was a full day!

We've decided that the next time we come to town, we're just going to have to have an open house and have everyone come to us. There were so many people that we would've liked to have seen, but we didn't get to.