Sunday, January 14, 2007


I thought it might be funny to mention that I have been banished from attending Avery's basketball games (no, I didn't get thrown out). Avery has banished me. He said, "Um...when you yell, 'Good job Avery', it's kind of embarrassing".

I promised that I would keep my mouth shut at future games and he said that he would think about reinstating my game-attending rights.

I've got some bad news for Avery though, when his two grandmothers come visit next month, he's not going to know what to do. One grandmother is an over-the-top sports fan (yes, my mother has season tickets to watch the Sox in spring training - her prized possession is a photo of her with the '04 World Series trophy). The other grandmother is an over-the-top Avery fan (she cheered for Avery AND JERMAINE during swim lessons! 1 year old swim lessons!! To this day, she refuses to admit that Avery was cholicky - "he was a good baby"! Huh!).

When it comes to supporting their grandkids, these two grandmoms are a force to be reconed with. These are the same two ladies who cheered for Avery, jumping up and down, holding onto one another in the hospital waiting room when they realized he had made it out of my womb. I can hear it now "Good Job Avery, Way to Go!!)


TheKeyRing said...

When Avery is older he will lovingly tell stories about how his mom always cheered him on and supported him at all his games. For now, he's just afraid his teammates will think he's a momma's boy.

T5M said...

Hey Pam! Welcome back to the blogging world! I've missed you!!

TheKeyRing said...

It's been so hectic around our house for the last month to six weeks and we've suffered some tragedies as well, but I'm hoping to get packing to posting as well.

FloridaMom said...

Way to go AVERY! Way to go Avery! You can never practice too much as a cheerleader!