Sunday, January 07, 2007

Next on ESPN...Avery Moore

Yesterday Avery started in our local basketball league. Avery did really well and was definitely the most passionate player on the court. Jermaine and I were so proud of him. He ran for every ball, jumped for every rebound, and was just so passionate about every drill. At the beginning of the practice the coach asked the kids to do a few laps around the gym. Avery was so excited, he ran at full speed - so fast that he actually ended up circling around the court, running a full lap in front of the rest of the team.

We were very proud that Avery scored the first basket of the game. He actually ended up scoring 2 out of the 3 baskets on his team (it was a short, 30 minute game). He was also responsible for some key plays; he had 2 steals, which he called "interceptions". Today we went out and bought some new basketball sneakers which we now call "the secret weapons". We plan to unleash them next week. If you haven't guessed, we're not into the "everybody wins/let's not keep score" mentality. We're taking no prisoners! NO PRISONERS!

Also noteworthy...Avery had the largest cheering section! week we plan to show up with our faces painted orange - Jermaine's going to paint a number "7" on his belly. I'm going to get a sign "# 7 is my son" - like Allen Iverson's mother did at the sixers games.


Anonymous said...

I hope he rips them apart. IT'S ON!!

I'm going to be the loud and proud Auntie yelling in the stands when the refs make bad calls.

I'll probably get ejected, but it'll be worth it.

T5M said...

Oh, I'm planning to knock the ref out if he makes a bad call.

...then I'll pull the race card and say that the only reason the call was made against my son is because he's part black (nothing to do with him elbowing a kid in the groin)

...then I'll call the NAACP and call for rioting in all major US cities.

FloridaMom said...

Erin, didn't think you had it in you to be that excited about a sporting event!!! FUN STUFF!

.....and I'll be the "get-in-your-face" grandmother to that ref!

Anonymous said...

avery looks so grown up :-) i remember going to his football game years ago...he was doing the "potty dance" on the field :-)

barbarakuhn said...

My husband was almost ejected from a Christian School where his daughter was playing because he screamed to the ref that the other team was playing like animals. I tried not to sit with him after that. I think I did go to every game my girls played (or cheered at). I miss those days. I do go to the surrogate grandkids games now.
Have fun for the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

I love this word "ejected" being used!!
Anyways, good job Erin on all of the basketball terminology! I am going to be a mess when my kids start playing sports. I don't know a thing about them except for catering football parties at my house!!
BTW, you should switch to the BETA google version of blogger - much easier to post pics!