Saturday, January 27, 2007

Observations From The Field

I wanna go back to the 60s …or at least double-digit temperatures. Yesterday it was zero degrees here in Maine….and still no good snow storms! Ahhhhgg! If “mother nature” isn’t going to bring the snow, then take me back to the 60 degree days – when I could walk outside without frowning (and without my nose-hairs sticking together).

Last night Avery and I were having a nice chat and somehow the “crocodile hunter” came up. Avery stated “He died”.
“Yup” I agreed.
“It’s too bad, ‘cause he probably had a couple good years left”
I nodded in agreement.
“He was only like in his 40s or 50s”.
“Yeah” I said, “But the Lord takes us on whatever day He decides. The Bible tells us that all of our days were written in His book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).
“I wish grandpa could sneak a look in God’s book and somehow tell me how many days I have.”

Whose idea was it to pay someone to stand on street corners and hold up “clearance sale” and/or “going out of business sale” signs? I have contempt in my heart for the people who perform this task and for the people who pay them to do it. This has got to be the most humiliating job ever. Those people might as well be holding up a sign that points to themselves and says “Loser”. I can’t even tell you what store is being advertised because I am too busy pointing these folks out to my kids and reminding them how important it is to do well in school so they don’t end up like that. A few weeks ago I actually observed the sign-holder sitting on the hood of his car, which was parked nearby. He had leaned the sign on a tree near the road and then decided to sit on his car and watch the sign, instead of holding it. It was wrong on so many levels that my feelings were actually confused.

Hmmm…I think I had a few more things to offload, but the brain doesn’t work as well as it used to…I’m stumped – I’ll add them later if they come circling around again.


Kristy said...

Funny but I actually remembered a few times there were high school kids doing it for furniture stores on the blvd. They actually looked like they were having fun - not my idea of a good time. I always felt bad for all of the causes that stand in the middle of the street and ask for donations - and that really tan guy at Grant and the Blvd who sells newspapers and pretzels (you philadelphians know who I'm talking about - he's out there every day!) I wouldn't want his job!

T5M said...

Yeah, imagine all the fumes and exhaust from the 12 lanes of traffic on the blvd!

...I never see highschoolers (or females) holding the signs. The people I see are usually depressed looking, 30-something year old men. Sometimes I see black guys singing along to whatever they have playing on their ipods.

FloridaMom said...

Just don't tell Avery how old I am! He'll be putting out the wheelchair for my arrival in a couple of weeks!

I remember when Dad used to think that anyone over 40 should be put on a special island to fend for themselves. That way they wouldn't bother the rest of the human race!

T5M said...

We was close to being right...they're all in Florida (a pennisula, not an island).

FloridaMom said...

A lot of old ones down here but a lot of young ones who service these old ones. (If that makes any sense)

~Seth & Nancy~ said...

that guy on the blvd...he's not really tan, his skin is just made out of leather...or maybe it's discoloration from all the exhaust!!!
speaking of signs, the penn state students were out with their cans this weekend. seth always gets annoyed. they should make better use of their raking leaves or washing cars or something instead of begging for money!
my "beef" of the weekend...."retirees" that are home all day during the week, going grocery shopping on saturday morning on their if grocery shopping wasn't enough of a pain in the butt!!

Kristy said...

I almost felt sorry for a lady that was on one of those things in Atlantic City. Then I realized she was just lazy not crippled! (and she wasn't even old)
We were almost run over - they should give lessons or a permit to use those things!