Monday, January 01, 2007

The Whirlwind Tour

On Friday Jermaine and I packed up Amaya and headed South on 95 to PA to retrieve our 2 eldest children, who had gone home with their grandmom on Wednesday. We arrived late Friday night.

With the knowledge that we were going to be headed home early on Sunday morning, we knew we only had 1 day in which to visit friends and stuff. Let's just say that we made the most of it.

9:30am - Erin & Kristy go to IKEA (Erin sets world record by only spending $9!! ...see Jermaine, your budget talk really did work)
11:30am - Jer & Kids go to grandparent's house
12:30pm - Erin Spa
2:30pm - Jer to John's house
5:00pm - All of us to Pastor Richard's house for dinner
9:00pm - Ortiebs Jazz Haus with Jeff & Dawn

Now that was a full day!

We've decided that the next time we come to town, we're just going to have to have an open house and have everyone come to us. There were so many people that we would've liked to have seen, but we didn't get to.


Anonymous said...

You only spent $9?!? (Is that including the cinnabons, pizza pocket & roll? hee-hee) I got the "eye roll" when I confessed to my total purchases that day - I was able to justify everything I bought that day, that is the most important part! I had so much fun hanging out with you, can't wait 'til we come up there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my Stampin' picture, but now that I switched to the "beta blogger" both of my blogs have sort of combined profiles!

T5M said...

The $9 did not include the cinnabons (one of which I am enjoying as I type)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry we missed you! i guess we "stole" you away last time you were here! :-) i hope you guys enjoyed your whirlwind trip!

ps-what'd you buy for $9?

T5M said...

...two packs of kids hangers, a toilet scrub brush, and something else that I can't recall...

When are you guys coming up? I thought January was the magic month?! :-)